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This is the NPC type of Laken. For the monster, click here.


Laken, the current Grand Master of an Ancient Order, the Seraphic Paladins, who has long been charged with keeping Lore safe from powerful Evils. However... in the recent years, they have not been as successful as they wish.

Important Text

Grand Master of the Seraphic Paladins

As the new Grand Master of the Seraphic Paladins, I thank you for your aide. Without you, the reign of Adventus would have continued into the future, giving Dage a greater foothold into the Order. I have suffered much to see that this does not occur!


I have come from the future to help Dage in his battle against Nulgath. As I gained his favor and rose to be his Second in Command, it became necessary for me to betray him in order to leave. I can no longer return my home due to the changes we have made here, but now that the Order has been restored, I no longer need to hide in the shadows.


Laken is from a future alternate Legion. During the Dage vs Nulgath war, He traveled back in time to help Dage with the war. Sadly his actions forever changed the future making it impossible for him to return to the time he came from, because it doesn't exist anymore. Laken doesn't have family, but has an adopted daughter "Ada". and some close friends who traveled back in time with him. There are mages, the Hero encounter them in the Order. They're used to tap into the mana of Lore and try to locate great evils as they arise. And the soldiers look a bit futuristic since Laken brought back a lot of technology (Laken himself is a cyborg) with him and adapted it to the Order to make them a more viable threat against the Legion.


  • He was the former 2nd in command of the Undead Legion.
  • So far, 4 releases have already been made so the finale of Dage v Laken Saga is soon to come!
  • It was later revealed that Jus Divinum has ties to the infiltration of the Order.