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Ada, the Seraphic Reaper. She is also the adopted daughter of Laken (NPC).

Important Text

Seraphic Reaper

You're the one who helped cleanse the faction? a pleasure to meet you. I'm the top Seraphic assassin. I was one of the few who's came from the future with Laken to this time. Sadly with what we've done here, it has made it impossible for us to return.


You're probably curious about these tattoos, you'll find them on all of those who came back from the future, you'd see Darkon's if he didn't have them covered up… Not only do they show your allegiance to Laken, but also shows what type of cybernetic implants you have received. There's nothing I cherish more than these.

When I was younger, Laken saved me from near death with these implants. I owe him everything and would follow him to the grave.

At Envy(Location)

Seraphic Reaper

What are you waiting for? Hurry! Hit her! Hit her!

After completing 'The Queen of Envy' quest

Seraphic Reaper

I can't believe he's gone. That hit… was meant for me.

At Seraph

Seraphic Reaper

Bad news! Darkon and the Dark Shard are still missing. Good news! I've been able to track down their location using some of Laken's old Legion contacts.


I'm not sure it's even on his radar at the moment! He's been too busy dealing with a newly rising arch-lich to think about anything else. That's why it's so good we have you!

After completing the 'INCOMPLETE' quest

Seraphic Reaper

I can't believe he's gone. That hit… was meant for me. Darkon sacrificed himself so that we could retrieve the Dark Shard. He will never be forgotten.

At SkyTower Aegis

Seraphic Reaper, Seraphic Paladins Representative The Seraphic Paladins are an ancient order tasked with keeping Lore safe at any cost. The lawful good types may not always approve of our methods, but we're still the ones they call when they need someone who will do whatever it takes to defeat the most powerful of evils.

Whatever it takes?

What I mean to say is, sometimes evil needs to be shanked in the back. Do you know what I mean? No, not literally. Well sometimes literally. Anyway, the pretty boys in white and gold are just too squeamish about the splatter stains.


  • Must have completed the 'Defeat Brutus!' quest in order to access this NPC.
  • Must have completed the 'Me? A Spy?' quest in order to access this NPC at Seraph.
  • She was given a cloaking device by her biological father.