Celestial Dragon Egg

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The Celestial Dragon Egg


The Mysterious Egg and the Mirror equivalent of the Hero.

Nothing more is known about its origin yet except that it balances the presence of the Hero. Its existence wasn't to be known until the Hero needed to find a way to correct the imbalance the Hero has created being the only individual that has no equivalent in the Mirror Realm.


As mentioned by Mirror Drakath, the Hero is unique in the multiverse. The Hero has no reflection on the other side so the hero can cross freely to both realms; this has created a small imbalance in the multiverse. As the Champion of Order, he can sense such imbalances and soon, he declares that the multiverse will erase the Hero from existence to correct the imbalance.

And so, they need to find a way/cure to balance the Hero's presence on the Mirror Realm or else the Hero will begin to unravel like an old scarf. They asked for Mirror Cysero and Mirror Warlic's help to which a machine was made that can detect any inverse wave signatures that can match the Hero's output, which later then detected an impossibly weak signal coming from Brightfall where Gravelyn the Good rules and controls her Lightscythe Army. The Hero together with Mirror Drakath and Gravelyn the Good went there and spotted the signal coming from a monolith encasing the egg. When asked by Mirror Drakath about the monolith and its significance to her army, Gravelyn the Good said that it was there before Brightfall was moved to the back of Victorious. And she doubted that even Victorious knows where it came from telling that it is that old. Gravelyn the Good then damaged the monolith revealing the Celestial Egg correcting the imbalance of the Hero's presence.

After getting revealed, Drakath swapped Xing and Xang asking them to obtain whatever balances the Hero's presence in the Mirror Realm. The Twins managed to take the egg away from the Hero making their way to Overworld ruled by Dage the Good. In pursuit of the egg, the Hero encounters King Alteon the Imbalanced again and the reanimated Undead Artix; After defeating Undead Artix for real, King Alteon the Imbalanced attempts to destroy the egg, but Gravelyn the Good intervenes. The egg drops into a chaos void and drops to Xing's hands, declaring that Drakath has plans for the egg knowing that once it crossed over to the other side, the Hero would be stuck in the Mirror Realm forever. Mirror Drakath then switched Xang and Mirror Xang to correct the imbalance they created but soon ended up with Mirror Xang tossing the egg into a chaos rift made by Drakath to get it. After getting the egg, Drakath knew that trapping the Hero would be very helpful to his plans. However, due to being accustomed to the Evil Twins, he made a deal in exchange for Mirror Xang. The egg then was returned to Mirror Drakath's hands.


  • Some say that it contains the Celestial Dragon of Space which is a perfect counterpart for the Hero as The Eternal Dragon of Time.
  • The identity of what could be inside the egg is yet to be revealed.
  • May be seen again in a future storyline in the game.