King Alteon the Imbalanced

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King Alteon the Imbalanced.

King Alteon the Imbalanced is an exact opposite of the good King Alteon the Balanced himself - unlike the Alteon in the players' reality, who is a kind and wise ruler, Alteon the Imbalanced in the Mirror Realm is an insane tyrant who imprisoned Gravelyn the Good, kidnapped the Lords of Order, and threatens to destroy the world by using the Order Lords' combined power to blow a hole in the fabric of reality and let Chaos chaorrupt the Mirror Realm. One very interesting thing that distinguishes Alteon the Imbalanced from Alteon the Balanced is the Shadowscythe Emblem on his gauntlets as well as the red-and-black clothing and armor, purple gems, blood red eyes, and white hair like any elder. Just like the good King Alteon, the evil Alteon also has a staff that looks like the Mace of the Grand Inquisitor, but this staff is gold and black which differs from the good King Alteon's silver and gold staff.