Anna and Otto

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Anna and Otto
A young girl and her brother who live in Mobius.
  • During War
    • Main:
"Help! The town is under attack by Chaos monsters. The leader used his staff to invert everything! The houses are inside out, the trees are upside down, even the flowers are growing backwards! Please… save our town."
  • Talk:
"The leader was a battlemage with a giant eyeball staff. He said he was the 1st Lord of Chaos and that, "Yes, this would do nicely as a base." Then He used his staff to invert the Guardian tower. I have never seen someone so powerful...."
  • War!:
"Can you really defeat those Chaos Monsters? If you can they will drop Defender's Medals or Mega Defender's Medals!Turn them for help win the war and earn bonus gold.When the War Meter hits 100% *trembles* the Boss Monster will appear!
Location: Battleon - Mobius
Anna and Otto.jpg
They are now located at Otto (Area) (Only Accessible after doing the quests Renn or Zio).