Anna and Otto/cutscene

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Anna:It was horrible! I've never seen such horrible power.

Otto:I wanted to fight but Anna made me hid with her. I'm glad she did.

Anna:The attack came without warning. Our homes...our entire town...was twisted...turned backwards and inside-out with the power of his awful eyeball staff. It only lasted a few moments, but the memories will last forever.


Imp 1:Chaos Lord Escherion. We have searched the entire town and we have not found it.

Escherion:Useless... all of you.I must return to the tower and report Drakath.FIND THE FIRST PIECE!Its the only thing that can stop our plans from this region.

Imp 1:Yes, my Lord

Escherion:You may leave Mobius and return to the tower when you have found it.Return with the piece or do not return at all.

Imp 1:*Gulp* Chaos Lord, if we cannot find it...

Escherion:You WILL find it.You will turn this town inside-out... or I will use my Chaos Staff of Inversion to turn YOU inside-out.

Cyclops 1:Yes, Chaos Lord Escherion Cyclops 2:Yes, Chaos Lord Escherion Cyclops 3:Yes, Chaos Lord Escherion

Imp 1:Yes, Chaos Lord Escherion Imp 2:Yes, Chaos Lord Escherion Imp 3:Yes, Chaos Lord Escherion

Otto:Ever since they were swarming around town looking for the...


Otto:We have to trust someone, sis

Anna:You're right.We... we think he was after this.

Anna: This is a part of power called the Runix Cube

Otto:We'd feel a lot safer if someone as strong as you were looking for it Please take it.

Anna:There are two other pieces... the next piece is held by the Faeries at the Faerie Forest to the East.It can be hard earning the trust of the Faeries, but once you have earned it... maybe they will trust you with the second piece

Otto:When you find all three parts, it's supposed to make a kind of puzzle.Maybe you can use it to defeat once and for all!

Anna:Thank you for taking the piece, hero.We will stay here in town and help defend it if we can.Good luck with your quest.