Chaos Beasts

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The Archway that the Chaos Beasts unlock


There are a total of 13 Chaos Beasts. Each beast is summoned by one of the Chaos Lords under the command of Drakath. The release of the Chaos Beasts lights a rune on the archway behind where Drakath sits.

The Span saga revealed that there is another type of Chaos Beast called Proto-Chaos Beast which are used as resources to create a Chaos Beast.

Chaos Beasts

Chaos Beast Summoner Mythological beast Battle Location Related Monsters
Chaos Beast
Lake Hydra
Awakened by Escherion using the Runix Cube. Hydra Hydra -
Chaos Beast
Xing Chaos Beast.png
Chaos Harpy
Released by evil Xing after she fused with good Xang Harpy Mirror Portal -
Chaos Beast
Rock Roc
Hatched by Vath using the Chaos Gemeralds mined by the dwarfs. Roc Roc -
Chaos Beast
Freed by Kitsune using the Hanzamune Dragon Koi blade. Gashadokuro O-Dokuro (area)/Yokai War ODOKURO.PNG
O-Dokuro's Head
Chaos Beast
Created by Wolfwing upon biting a red dragon. None Chaos Cave -
Chaos Beast
Pony Gary Yellow
Created by Kimberly from her toy. Dinosaur Palooza -
Chaos Beast
Mana Golem.png
Mana Golem
Freed by Ledgermayne. Golem Elemental -
Chaos Beast
Chaos Sphinx.png
Chaos Sphinx
Reanimated by Zahart using the heart of the sphinx. Sphinx Sand Castle -
Chaos Beast
Gruaige Baas.png
Naga Baas
Created from a Serpentress by Krellenos. Medusa/
Ore Cavern -
Chaos Beast
Kathool Atchoo
Released after the hero defeated the three proto-chaos beasts Iadoa created. Kraken Deep Chaos Carnax.png
Fluffy the Dracolich.png
Fluffy the Dracolich
Chaos Beast
Chaos Manticore.png
Chaorrupted by Maximillian Lionfang. Manticore Venom Vaults -
Chaos Beast
Chaos Dragon.png
Chaos Dragon
Awakened by King Alteon from the castle statue after he slew his own heir, Princess Brittany. Dragon Castle Roof -
Chaos Beast
New Dragon of Time.png
The Eternal Dragon of Time
Hatched by the Hero from an egg found in Vasalkar Lair. Later revealed to be the hero itself. Wyvern - -

Proto-Chaos Beasts

The Proto-Chaos Beasts were golems created from the sand of time, used by Chaos Lord Iadoa to teach the hero his destiny and to awaken his Chaos Beast. Each Proto-Chaos Beast takes on the form of one of the most powerful beings from the alternate timelines that created AQWorld's Lore when Galanoth slew the dragon of time. They are the following:


  • The Hydra Head's official name is Lake Hydra.
  • Strangely enough, the design notes call the Chaos Harpy the second chaos beast, while the museum quests give that title to the Rock Roc.
  • Both Naga Baas and The Chaos Harpy are the only female chaos beast.
  • According to the design notes, there was a part in the Book of Lore that talked about how the Mother of All Monsters was sealed away by dragons. The activation of all 13 archways via the 13 Lords of Chaos' summonings of all 13 Chaos Beasts may result in the resurrection of the Mother of all Monsters.
  • An attempt at raising a Chaos Beast was done once by Exos, who wanted to become a Chaos Lord.
  • The Museum has quests given by Valencia that let you unlock statues of the different Chaos Beasts when you complete them by earning their Chaos Beast trophies upon defeating each of them.
  • Dracowerepyre and Pony Gary Yellow are the only Chaos Beasts that don't resemble a creature from mythology. They are also the only Chaos Beasts with the same color as the Red Dragon
  • Almost all Chaos Beasts show signs of chaorruption, the only exceptions are Dracowerepyre, Mana Golem and the eternal Dragon of Time.
  • They have a mirror counterpart known as the Beasts of Order.
  • After hatching the Eternal Dragon of Time, the hero, as the 13th Chaos Lord, re-summons all of the first 12 Chaos Beasts, which can then be re-fought in the Chaos Beast Gauntlet.