Hydra Head

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Hydra Head
Level: 10
HP: 2,445
MP: 100
Difficulty: 3 Stars 2 stars
Exp: Depends on your level
Class Points: Depends on your rank
Gold: Depends on your level
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items: Equipables:
Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Hydra


  • They disappear after completing The Lake Hydra Quest.
  • You can still battle them via Time Travel Fairy in Mobius after completing all Chiral/Chaos Valley quests or typing /join runix.
  • They are the first chaos beast.
  • Or type /join hydra then go to playes
  • Also, you can go to your Book of Lore, go to Story, press Chiral Valley, navigate to page 2, then press replay next to Battle the Hydra to re-battle them.
  • Looks like the monster in dragonfable
  • If you have the quest this monster will drop the legendary blade for the blade of awe!for more info on the drops for blade of awe go on server yourmi and find chaoslord doom he will tell all!!