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Promotional Area
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: /join ballyhoo
Exits To: Battleon
Quests and Monsters
Quests: None
Monsters: None
NPCs and Shops
NPCs: Ballyhoo (NPC)
Shops: None
  • You MUST view the advertisement for the reward.
  • Rewards are scaled based upon your level/membership.
  • Cysero confirmed on his Twitter that US players can watch 10 advertisements per day and NON-US players can watch 5 advertisements per day.
  • There is a glitch associated with lag, which allows you to claim the reward as many times as you had time to press the "Get Reward" button.
  • Ballyhoo gives you special items when there is a special event. Drop rate is under 10%.
    Artix confirmed on his Twitter that the drop rate for 5 ACs is a little under 10%