Mogloween War

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Mogloween War
A mysterious Vampire Lord named Incubus has betrayed Safiria and is advancing on Battleon/Mystcroft, and it's your turn to save the day, again!
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Exits to: Mystcroft
Mogloween War.png
Shops and NPCs
Shops: Mogloween 2010 Seasonal Candy Shop
NPCs: Kimberly
Quests & Monsters

Monsters Seen in These Parts:

Monsters: none
  • The point of this map is to fight monsters, get certain medals, and turn them in to fill up the war bar, which will eventually unlock the boss fight with Incubus, if the battle bar is filled in time, that is.
  • If the Candy Corn bar is filled up to 100%, by putting in x5 Candy Corn at a time, then there will be a drop rate increase for Mega Mogloween Defender Medals.
  • Each stage of the room unlocks after 25% of the bar is filled, for example the third screen became available when the bar was at 25%, and the next screen after that became available at 50%.
  • Medals, which stack to x1 for Mega Mogloween Defender Medals, and x5 for Mogloween Defender Medals, are temporary items, so be careful when logging in and out!
  • Part of Mogloween 2010, released on October 29th, 2010.