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Faopaw NPC


Lycan Ridge /join lycan


Werewolf Reputation Vendor

Important text

Before Constantin becomes the Werewolf King

  • Grrrrr. What Human doing here? *sniff* Human has vampire scent. Human is spying for Vampires! GET OUT!

If the character refuses to leave

  • Hrrrm. Human persistent. Human make strong part of Lycan pack. Human talk to Werewolf King first. Human not speak to Faopaw until then. GO!

After Constantin becomes the Werewolf King

  • Human has scent of Werewolf King. Human can be trusted. Human want to aid Lycan pack? Human help Faopaw and Human build up reputation. Faopaw also let Human look at shop. Many Werewolf items there.
  • Lycans no like Vampires. Vampires bad. Vampires hunt Werewolves for many moons. Vampires want all the land that Lycans call home. Vampires and their kin be stopped now!




On all quests gaining Lycan Reputation

Normal Quests

Daily Quests