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Constantin NPC


Lycan Ridge

Lycans vs Vampires War!


Became The New Werewolf King, after defeating the old one in a cutscene.

Important text

Before quests are completed

  • I smell no fear on you, one-shape. That is good. I am the Werewolf King, once called Constantin. Like you I see Wolfwing as the threat but you must earn my people's respect before I'll tell you what I know.

After quests are completed

  • You have our respect. If you wish to continue bringing glory to the nation, I may make you an honorary member of the Pack. Speak with Faopaw to earn Reputation with the Werewolves. Good Luck with Wolfwing, hero. I wish I could do more to help.


  • The vampires think that they were first to Darkovia but they do not know the tales of the forest like we do. Many years ago the Night and the Forest had a child. She was a winged wolf.
  • She was charged with protecting the forest and all the creatures of the night which she did for centuries, but longed to see the sun. Her parents warned her that it would destroy her but she would not listen.

  • When the first rays of the sun touched her fur and leathery wings she was ripped apart and became the Wolf and the Bat. One who lives off the meat of the earth and the other who lives of the blood of the earth.
  • Since then, the unnatural bats have taught themselves to walk like mortals, to better hunt them while the wolves stayed on four legs, serving our Father Forest as best we could. The bats forgot the old ways, only caring for blood and power.
  • They began to hunt us and grew strong, while we were weak and few in numbers. Finally the Old King brought us together with his might as a warrior. He united the packs with fear of his teeth and claws… but even he grew weak over the centuries.
  • I had to replace him as the pack Alpha for the good of our people. He could not see that Wolfwing was a threat. He is so close to that first child of the Mother Night and the Father Forest, but Chaos has driven him mad.
  • He is the most dangerous creature in Darkovia, and now that he has been infected with Chaos… he might be the most dangerous creature in Lore. He must be stopped before he destroys our nation.
  • Once he is gone we can return to the war with the unnaturals. We will make them pay for hunting us to near extinction. We will take back Darkovia for Father Woods.