Staff of Inversion

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Staff of Inversion
Level: 10
HP: 1,200 991
MP: 30
Difficulty: 2 Stars
Exp: Depends on your level
Class Points: Depends on your rank
Gold: Depends on your level
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items: Equipables:
Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Escherion
*While Staff of Inversion is alive, Escherion does not take damage.
  • Is part of the boss fight with Escherion.
  • Has a 30% chance of dropping the rarer Staff Of Inversion with open wings.
  • There is a non-member version of the staff called 1st Lord of Chaos Staff. But it has it's wings folded up.
  • The staff seemed to be confused to why Escherion said he did not need it to kill the hero. It looks like Escherion had made it stronger because the first time you see Escherion in the movie clip it has a white eye and it is all loopy.
  • This monster is good for farming because the staff of inversion (weapon) resells for 12,500 Gold.