Sir Vival

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Sir Vival
Text: Welcome to Swordhaven Castle, Hero! This is the home of King Alteon the Balanced, ruler of Swordhaven and the most noble-hearted man I've ever met. He'll welcome one with your gifts and abilities in his court especially as monster attacks have been increasing lately!


Swordhaven... I could tell you so many tales of its people and history! But that wouldn't be any fun. Go meet the rest of the castle's inhabitants. When you're done, if you haven't already spoken with the King find him in the Throne room.

Chaos Saga

As you may have noticed, we have a serious chaos problem here. Denara, Sworhaven's Archivist, is looking for some strong adventures to help solve it. Head to your right, into the archives, to find her.
Location: pCastle
Services: *
Quests: *
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