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Master of the Necropolis (Supreme Necromantress) File:Ally

Location: (/join necrotower)

Important Text

Slumber Party Scene

Sally: You'd BETTER be having a good time at my Eternal Slumber party!

Lennie: Does this pink bow make my head look fat?

George: Shut UP, Lennie!

Lennie: Sorry, George. *cough* I mean - Arrrrewwwwwwwwooo.

Sally: That's better! Now I'm going to tell you a DeadTime story, so listen up!

Sally: Not long ago the most BEAUTIFUL girl learned she was the most POWERFUL Necromancer in the world!

Sally: But she needed a teacher, so she raided a lich named Noxus from the dead.

Sally: Then one say a nosy Hero came along and started messing things up.

Sally: The hero and that UGLY, STUPID girl in the dracolich castle killed her teacher RE-DEAD!

Lennie: Areeeeewwwwew?

Sally: Yes! I know! It's HORRIBLE! But don't worry!

Sally: They had made a creation named Vordred, and now, with the help of some loony Scientists...

Sally: Vordred is going to become the most powerful Champion of Darkness EVER!

Sally: And if their experiment goes well, he'll be connected to the magical electrical lines running around the world.

Sally: Then he can channel the power that connects people to the planet to turn everyone in Lore UNDEAD all at once!

Sally: And they'll all live unhappily ever after. The end! Tee-hee!

George: Araaaarrgh! Arrreweeew!


  • Sally first appeared in the Party cutscene.
  • In the Live parts of the Doomwood Saga, Sally is voiced by Kimberly Freeman.
  • Also in DragonFable.
  • She revived Vordred with the power of Chaos