Nulgath (Monster)

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Nulgath (Monster)
Level: 100
HP: 78,560
MP: 100
Difficulty: 5 Stars Aggressive
Exp: 0
Class Points: 0
Gold: 0
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items:
Quest Items:
Location: Tercessuinotlim
  • Nulgath will attack you if you move when you're in his chamber.
  • He can do upwards of 30 million damage with one hit, probably the highest damage of any mob in the game. Needless to say, if you are hit by even one of his normal attacks, you're dead.
  • He can be killed by the following... 5th ability of Thief of Hours (Class), 2+ Necromancers using 3rd ability at the same time, or cheating via hacking.
  • Says "I'll be back..." when killed. He used to say "haha you hackers" when he was Miltonius.
  • Nulgath is so big one of his feet doesn't even stay on the platform.
  • Extremely hard to kill.(not anymore if you can get a rank 5 thief of hours)
  • He wear's a version of the Nulgath Armor.
  • He can heal you for 30 million if 3 use Weaken on him. Weaken reduces damage by 40% so 3 times 60 is in the negatives.