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Swordhaven (/join swordhaven)


King Alteon's Undead Slayer

Important text

Before Knave1's Route to the Void quest

Hero, we have little time and much to do. If we're going to stop the Desterrat Moya from attacking Lore and inciting an undead rebellion! He lingers in the Void, preparing for his assault. It will be up to us to stop him, and to do that we'll need to get there! For that we'll need Nythera's help, so head to Northlands

Before Know Thy Enemy quest

Hero, good timing. Mostly because we're OUT of time! Artix is on his way to battle the undead, who are massing together in preparation for the Desterrat Moya's arrival. Their necromancers are attempting to regain control, but I'm sure Artix will take care of them all. Prepare for the Void!


We have not crossed paths much while I've been in Swordhaven, Hero. But I must say, I've heard tales of you're battling. I think you have not heard much of mine. I am relatively new to my post, but I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the King, and to protecting him from ANY undead that threaten him.




  • The lucky winner of the final I CAN HAS MOD Contest who wished that he'll be a NPC and create his own storyline.