Grand Inquisitor

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This is the NPC Grand Inquisitor, for the monster, click here

Grand Inquisitor in Summon Room


Citadel, Last Map.


King of the Citadel's Inquisitors

Important text

Hmph! How did you get past my guards? No matter, once I've completed the summoning (which will be next week), no magic user will be able to escape my grasp. The summoned beast feeds on magic energy and will hunt all manner of Witch, Mage or Wizard. I care not for their labels, they are ALL guilty! Leave now! It's hard to concentrate with you just standing there.

Grand Inquisitor summoning Belrot the Fiend.




  • He is the leader of the Inquisitors.
  • When Belrot the Fiend was released, he no longer has his important text.
  • He is the part 3's Boss in the citadel.
  • The longer you would stand there the more his hand would shake.
  • His Order looks similar to The Knights Templar.