Farming Gold for Mem and Non-Mem

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Hello Many people have problems farming. Most use the old sleuthhound for gold and exp but there are better places. This guide will show you better places to farm if you are member or nonmember.



At least level 10 recommended for this. First type in /join lair in the textbox. this works if you are canned too so no worries. This should get you to Vasalkar Lair. Inside accept all of Galanoths quests related to draconians. If you have undead champion it is a good idea to accept Legion exersize number 1. Then go to the room above galanoth were there are 3 draconians. Repeatedly kill all of them until you finish all the quests. Turn them in and start over. The draconians drop a lot of things wich you can sell. The swords sell for 2500 gold each (mammoth crusher sells for 5000) and the wings sell for 3750 each. It is important to sell the drops as soon as you get them as you may get them again.

Crash Site

At least level 5 recommended for this. Start by typing /join dwakel at the textbox. This should get you to the crash site. Accept the first three of Taravyas quests and go kill some dwakels. They drop some items you will want to sell in Taravyas handy enhancement shop. After you complete the quests you will receive three items. Sell them for 2500 each. In no time you will be rich to muy whatever you want.

Fire Gem

Any level is enough for this one =P In the textbox, type in /join portalundead. Once there you accept Cleric Dawns Fire Gem quest. Then start killing skeletal fire mages. They drop the fire staff wich you should sell as soon as you get it as you may get it again. After a while you will complete the quest. The quest drops a staff wich sells for 12500 gold. Please note: this can only be done once a day.


MEMBER ONLY Type /join miltonius in the text box. Once your there go to the room with the tainted elemental. If you have Crag & Bamboozle accept the quest "bamboozle vs drudgen". Kill the Tainted elemental repeatedly and you will get tainted soul. This can be stacked up to 13 times and sells for 6250 gold each. If you have C&B keep doing drugen vs bamboozle and sell escherions helm for 12500 gold and accept again. This is my favourite way of making money and it is very fast.



MEMBER ONLY Type /join backstage and go to the room above. There will be lots of monsters level 30 and level 25. Kill them repeatedly and you will gain EXP.


Type /join orchestra and go to the first room. There will be lots of people killing the monsters there. Join them. The monsters will die in few seconds and you will gain alot of EXP. (about 270+exp and, 95g per kill)

Bludrut Brawl

This way of gaining EXP is quite hard sometimes as the opponents team will mostly try and kill you while you do it. Join PVP and go to the restorers. They can be hard to kill if you are under level 25. They are level 250 and drop around 2500 EXP. Kill all four then join another PVP and to the same again. - THIS DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE!!! AE DROPPED THE EXP TO ONLY 10XP!!! Thought I better let you know - Mega Nova, TGB.


Type /join pirates and go right to the undead pirate ship. Enter the ship and go to the left, then go left again towards the top of the ship. Fight all of the monsters. This is a good place to gain experience and rank up classes.

Please do not delete anything I have written. Feel free to add whatever you want. I hope this helped.