Eric Dyer

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Eric Dyer



VP of Color Collections

Important text

I, Eric Dyer, Vice-President of of MonoChromatic Unlimited, Incorporated hereby serve notice that Artix Entertainment is past due on their Chromatic Saturation bill. As such, we will begin repossessing ALL color in AQWorlds at midnight on April 1st, 2014.

(Our Gift to You)

MonoChromatic Unlimited, Incorporated is not an unkind institution. We know young people value color in their lives. That is why we have allowed you to buy these limited-time di-chromatic items as a souvenir of your once colorful game. You are welcome, and have a bright day.

(What is happening?)

APRIL FOOLS! Artix Entertainment did not REALLY miss paying their color bill! (There is no such thing!!!) But for the next 36 hours, you can enjoy a black-and-white Battleon… and if you buy the Paintball Gun, you can run around Battleontown painting the town red, blue, green, yellow, and purple… just to show MonoChromatic Unlimited that we will ALWAYS have a colorful world!