Elissa Keelhaul

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Lolosia and Warpirate


A pirate that came during talk like a pirate day '08

Important text

Old Text: Avast ye land lubber! We be coming to plunder yer town, har har... but these bilge-sucking Fishmen are about the scuttle me ship. Help me get back my ship and I will make you an honorary member of me crew!

New Text:Avast ye land lubber!We be coming to plunder yer town har har... but these Bilge-sucking Fishmen are about to scuttle me ship. D'ye have what it takes to help me get these wee beasties off me ship?If they get of me ship, they'll be in yer town - help me get rid o' them and i'll make sure ye'll be handsome rewarded.


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