Dracolich Baby Dragon

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Dracolich Baby Dragon
Level Required: 1
Member Only: Yes
Location: Turn Dragon into Dracolich!
Buy Price: Quest Reward
Sell Price: 0 Gold

  • This pet is obtained by allowing Death to pet your Armored Baby Frost Dragon, through the quest Turn Dragon into Dracolich!.
  • This pet is now available again, but instead of trade in a Armored Baby Frost Dragon you trade in Baby Red Dragon
  • You can turn the dracolich into a baby red dragon whenever you want, just go to Death and do the quest "turn dracolich into dragon"
  • also seen in dragonfable in amityvile with zorbak
  • This pet was a Battle Pet that could be used by Necromancer as the Dracolich seemed to have battle animations, however this has been removed.