Desoloth The Final

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Desoloth The Final
Level: 45
HP: 176,150
MP: 100
Difficulty: 4 Stars
Exp: Depends on Level
Class Points: Depends on Rank
Gold: Depends on Level
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items:
Quest Items: Not Set
Desoloth the Final.png
  • Over a period Desoloth will use an Area-of-effect attack that deals high damage. The 4 prime dragons will help your team. Earth will help to increase your defense first (Good for Dragonslayers or Warriors!), Air will then increase your attack speed (Good if a Healer is present with a Rogue or any classes of high Haste! Say, Evolved Shamans' Furoius Gale buffs!), Water then will help to increase your dodge (Rogues will be extremely dodgy!) and Fire will finally increase your damage (Healers will heal more HP! So does Bard, Evolved Shamans, Paladins, etc!).