Defeat Frostfang (Good)

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Location info
Level Required: Any
Location: Yorumi & Eienyuki - Dage's Dark Winter
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation:
Monster List:
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: Frostfang Defeated x1
Total Experience: 1,000 XP
Total Gold: 1,000 Gold
Total Reputation: 1,000 Rep: Good
Equipment Won:

  • Must have completed either the previous quest or the 'The Final Ward' quest given by Issik the Vile
  • You will get Frost Defanged Character Page Badge upon completing this quest
You found Frostfang's lair, and he's still inside! Take him down before he goes on the attack again! And if you find whatever might be giving him his energy, it may be wise to destroy that as well.