Dark Makai

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Dark Makai
Level: 25
HP: 1,643
MP: 100
Difficulty: 3 stars Aggressive
Exp: Depends on level
Class Points: Depends on rank
Gold: Depends on level
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items: Quest Items Won:
Quest Items: Not Set
  • All Makai attack if you enter a certain area (usually covering everywhere in the room except for a small space around where your character enters the room.
  • When you attack a Makai, others will only attack if your character enters a certain area. (This is not uncommon-the turrets in Hyperium attack when you walk past.) The range is very large, and you cannot pass them in any room without being attacked. Makai will also attack you if they respawn at the same time that you do or if they respawn when you are too close to their starting position. Makai attacking is COMPLETELY unrelated to other Makai in the room.
  • Can't rest in between battles unless you use a fast killer for 2 opponents like Dragonlord Class.
  • Now has a 10% (Needs Confirmation) chance to drop an Essence of Nulgath. if you collect 100 and go to Nulgath you can trade them in for a Totem of Nulgath which is required for some of Nulgath's quests.
  • Theres really no fast way to get Essence of Nulgath
  • There is a chance that they are knights of either good or evil that died in combat and were chaoruppted. This is because, from Polish's room in tercessuinotlim, when you attempt to go to the left, you recieve a message saying, "# of 6 Chaorruppted Knights needed to pass. However, regardless of how many Chaorruppted Knights you have, you need 6 Defeated Makai. A hint, perhaps?!?!