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Daisuke in the information booth on Yokai Isle


"/join akiba"


Captain Of The Guard

Important text

Greetings, I am Captain Daisuke, leader of the Akiba Guard. I am also head of security for the Dragon Koi Tournament. What do you need?

Before invitation

We can't allow anyone into the Tournament, which is held through the doors to the right, without an invitation. You may be able to find an invitation on the Yokai Ferry. I need you to clear Cap'n Herlock's boat before coming back here.


  • Quest/Replay Cutscene
  • Talk

Quest/Replay Cutscene

<Your Character walks up to a guard.>

Your Character: Hi there, I have an invite to the Dragon Koi Tournament!

Guard: No you don't.

Your Character: ...uhhhhh

Your Character: Yeah I do.

Guard: No, you don't.

Your Character: It's right here.

Guard:"" No, it isn't.

Your Character: I was INVITED!

Guard: No, you weren't.

Your Character: Yuh huh!

Guard: Nuh uh.

Your Character: Are you going to let me in there?!

Guard: Nope.

Your Character: WHY NOT!!!???

Guard: Listen, Sir or Madam....

Your Character: “Sir... OR Madam”?

Guard: ...I know that the invite you hold in your hand is fake.

Guard: I know this because the only people invited to the Dragon Koi Tournament are people who live on Yokai Isle........and you clearly are from elsewhere.

Your Character: But I was sent this invitation...

Guard: No, you weren't.

Your Character: Oh don't start that again.

Princess Miko:: It's alright Daisuke...

Princess Miko:: I sent that invitation personally.

Guard: Princess Ai No Miko! The tournament is about to begin, shouldn't you be...

Princess Miko:: I must speak with the hero...alone.

Guard: As you wish Princess.

Your Character: Hi Princess Miko, it's a honor to meet you, my name is...

Princess Miko: I'm sorry but we don't have much time. I'm glad you got my secret message.

Your Character: Secret message?

Princess Miko: On this invitation. See?

<The first part of the letters on the message reveal a secret message: Help Me Princess Miko>

Your Character: OH, THAT secret message...I thought you meant that there was ANOTHER one...other than that one...which I knew about.

Princess Miko: I invited you here because I heard tales of your adventures, and I don't know who I can trust on Yokai Isle. If you win the tournament, then you will have a personal invite to Akiba Palace to meet my father and we will have more time...Remember, you must WIN the tournament. I know I can count on you. Quickly now, the tournament is about to begin! Good luck!

Please continue this conversation typed out by Cronos Dage.


Needs filling in.


  • Is wearing Samurai armor.
  • He has the same first name as Daisuke Togakure, a Samurai who was one of the two founders of ninjutsu, the other being Kain Boshi, a chinese warrior-monk.