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This item was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and is no longer available.

Seasonal Rare
This item was from a special event (Frostval, Mogloween, etc.) and will return the next year the event comes back.

Daimyo is Artix's fearless undead slaying battle puppy. Even in this world, there are not many 8 pound creatures that can take down a Dracolich. (Available on his Birthday ONLY!)
Level Required: 1
Member Only: Yes
Location: Daimyo's Birthday!
Buy Price: 620 Gold
Sell Price: 155 Gold

  • It is the identical to Battle Puppy.
  • On his twitter page, Artix says that it costs 620 gold because that was the price he had paid for his dog in real life.
  • When Daimyo leaves each year, new items based on him will be added to other shops.