Cysero's Orb

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Cysero's Orb


The Span (/join thespan)


Magical Orb Golem?, Pet Vendor

Important Text

Hey, you. I know you, or I did. Look, Hero, you gotta be here. See, this is where you find out all those things you need to know. And if you don't find out, you don't fulfill your destiny. If you don't fulfill your destiny, the world ends. If the world ends, I'm history. And so are you.


Hey, I'm a talking orb AND golem. Go figure. The tag on my foot says I was made by a guy who knows the guy who made me the first time. That's unhelpful. You want answers? You get potato. Yeah, magic's a chancy thing. Hard to predict what it's going to do. The mage who built me knew a lot about that. One thing he didn't touch, though, was prophecy. Didn't need to, with his time-traveling phonebooth. Prophecy's a big thing in that world. 'Specially when it concerns not-you, the dragon not-you rode, and saving the world.