Cleric Joy

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[[image:|frame|right|150px|Cleric Joy]]

Cleric Joy
Helpful healer and guide

Important text

  • Battleon Welcome, Adventurer, to the land of Lore! Lore is a land full of myths and legends come alive, where mystery and adventure await you at every turn. We are in need of the help of Adventurers such as you to keep the forces of darkness at bay, and to help free the people from the threat of evil. Let me serve as your guide to the exciting new world, and welcome you once again to the world of Lore!

Help To find out all there is to know about battling,doing quest and your screen display,please visit Valencia in the Battleon town square.Please speak with my friend Dawn at Swordhaven for information about the commands you have at your disposal!I also have a quick list of these commands,but she can teach you how to use them!

Story Line

Before Chapter 1

  • Thank you for saving our town, Hero! I have never seen anyone beat up a princess before, the Dragon must be grateful! You should go to the King in Swordhaven immediately. But be careful.... an army of undead is attacking!

After Chapter 2

  • You have been of Great to Sepulchure's Daughter already can you be more of assistance to her? Travel back to Shadowfall for the next part of your journey.
Location: /join Battleon
  • Cleric Joy is an allusion to the recurring character of "Nurse Joy" in the Pokemon series of shows/games.
  • She is also one of the sisters of Dishpan Hand.