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In this Page you will learn how to edit cool clan pages, from borders, fonts, and others

Note: To put your Clan page in Category Clans Type this in your edit page [[Category:Clans|''Then the first letter of your Clan name'']]

  • The First thing should be done is putting borders in your clan page...make sure you put this in the top of the editing page

For a Double Border use this format

<div style="align: center; padding: 1em; border-width: 7px; border-style: double; border-color: #800080; background-color: black" > <div style="align: center; padding: 1em; border: double 4px #151B54; background-color: black"> <font color="gray" >

  • Note: You can change all bolded words

In the First bolded word you can type left or right than center
In the Second bolded word you can use any number, it depends how width your border you like
In the Third bolded word you can change it with this border style like: groove, double, solid, and collapse
In the Fourth bolded word it means you can change border colors with color codes (go to the Color Topic Section to know more about adding a color)
In the Fifth bolded word it means changing background colors such as black, red, white, yellow etc. (more colors are listed in the Color Topic Section)
In the Last bolded word it means changing the default font colors, refer to the Color Topic Section for more information about colors.

  • It's wonderful when your 'CLAN PAGE' is colorful
  • In this topic you will learn adding colors to borders and fonts....
  • When adding a font color follow this format:

<font color='''color name/color code'''>

Then type the words you like to type just after the format, then close it with this format:


  • These are the list of some color names and color codes

Color Name=Color Code

Red = #FF0000

White = #FFFFFF

Turquoise = #00FFFF

Light Grey = #C0C0C0

Light Blue = #0000FF

Dark Grey = #808080

Dark Blue = #0000A0

Black = #000000

Light Purple = #FF0080

Orange = #FF8040

Dark Purple = #800080

Brown = #804000

Yellow = #FFFF00

Burgundy = #800000

Pastel Green = #00FF00

Forest Green = #808000

Pink = #FF00FF

Grass Green = #408080

  • These color names and color codes can be use in font colors, border colors, and background colors.

Color Name HEX Color
Black  #000000  
Navy  #000080  
Dark Blue  #00008B  
Medium Blue  #0000CD  
Blue  #0000FF  
Dark Green  #006400  
Green  #008000  
Teal  #008080  
Dark Cyan  #008B8B  
Deep Sky Blue  #00BFFF  
Dark Turquoise  #00CED1  
Medium Spring Green  #00FA9A  
Lime  #00FF00  
Spring Green  #00FF7F  
Aqua  #00FFFF  
Cyan  #00FFFF  
Midnight Blue  #191970  
Dodger Blue  #1E90FF  
Light Sea Green  #20B2AA  
Forest Green  #228B22  
Sea Green  #2E8B57  
DarkSlateGray  #2F4F4F  
Lime Green  #32CD32  
Medium Sea Green  #3CB371  
Turquoise  #40E0D0  
Royal Blue  #4169E1  
Steel Blue  #4682B4  
Dark Slate Blue  #483D8B  
Medium Turquoise  #48D1CC  
Indigo  #4B0082  
Dark Olive Green  #556B2F  
Cadet Blue  #5F9EA0  
Corn flower Blue  #6495ED  
Medium Aqua Marine  #66CDAA  
Dim Gray  #696969  
SlateBlue  #6A5ACD  
Olive Drab  #6B8E23  
Slate Gray  #708090  
Light Slate Gray  #778899  
Medium Slate Blue  #7B68EE  
LawnGreen  #7CFC00  
Chartreuse  #7FFF00  
Aquamarine  #7FFFD4  
Maroon  #800000  
Purple  #800080  
Olive  #808000  
Gray  #808080  
Grey  #808080  
Sky Blue  #87CEEB  
Light Sky Blue  #87CEFA  
Blue Violet  #8A2BE2  
Dark Red  #8B0000  
Dark Magenta  #8B008B  
Saddle Brown  #8B4513  
Dark Sea Green  #8FBC8F  
Light Green  #90EE90  
Medium Purple  #9370D8  
Dark Violet  #9400D3  
Pale Green  #98FB98  
Dark Orchid  #9932CC  
Yellow Green  #9ACD32  
Sienna  #A0522D  
Brown  #A52A2A  
Dark Gray  #A9A9A9  
Light Blue  #ADD8E6  
Green Yellow  #ADFF2F  
Pale Turquoise  #AFEEEE  
Light Steel Blue  #B0C4DE  
PowderBlue  #B0E0E6  
Fire Brick  #B22222  
Dark Golden Rod  #B8860B  
Medium Orchid  #BA55D3  
Rosy Brown  #BC8F8F  
Dark Khaki  #BDB76B  
Silver  #C0C0C0  
Medium Violet Red  #C71585  
Indian Red  #CD5C5C  
Peru  #CD853F  
Chocolate  #D2691E  
Fuchsia  #FF00FF  
Magenta  #FF00FF  
Deep Pink  #FF1493  
Orange Red  #FF4500  
Tomato  #FF6347  
HotPink  #FF69B4  
Coral  #FF7F50  
Dark orange  #FF8C00  
Light Salmon  #FFA07A  
Orange  #FFA500  
White  #FFFFFF  
  • If u want to add external links like character pages, or any website or just any other things in web you want to link, Use this kind of format


If you would like your link have its name to be described just make a space after the link address/URL

  • In order to put images into your clan page use this:

[[Image:'''Name of Image'''.JPG]]

Note: If the Name ofIimage has spaces in it, use underscore rather than spaces

  • Before you can put images into your clan page make sure it is uploaded in the wiki. Just click Upload File in the Tool box just about at the left of the screen,

Or click this link Upload File

  • If you like your image in your clan page has white boxes surrounding it use this format:

[[Image:'''name of image'''.JPG|200px|thumb]]

  • If you want your image aligned to left, center, or right, use this format:

For Left: [[Image:'''Name of Image'''.JPG|200px|thumb|left]]

For Center: [[Image:'''Name of Image'''.JPG|200px|thumb|center]]

[[Image:'''Name of Image'''.JPG|200px|thumb|right]]

  • If you want your image to have words as a description just use this format:

[[Image:'''Name of Image'''.JPG|200px|thumb|'''Description''']]

  • If you want to use all the said formats above like, white boxes, alignment, and with words use this format:

[[Image:'''Name of Image'''.JPG|200px|thumb|left|'''Description''']]

  • Notes: The letters JPG in the format should be all capital

  • Alignment is one important thing, if you want them at the left, at the center, or at the right
  • This format can only be used on words and on images with no white boxes
  • If you want them on center: <center>word, or image</center>
  • If you want them on left:

<left>word, or image</left>

  • If you want them on right:

<center>word, or image</left>

  • Heading has important role in clan pages for generalizing a topic.
  • There are about 3 types of heading used in common: Topic Heading, Category heading, sub-heading

Topic Heading

Topic heading is the main heading which generalizes related topics to each other.

In able to use this heading always put / = / single equal signs on both ends of the words you want to be a heading.

Category Heading

A Category heading is the 2nd heading to generalize a topic, it is under the Topic Heading

In able to use this heading always put / = / two equal signs on both ends of the words you want to be a heading. It looks like this:

Example of Category Heading


Sub-heading is under sub-topic heading which is under the topic heading. It means it s the 3rd heading to generalize a topic on your clan, maybe your topic might be like this: Topic Heading = Clan Info, Sub-topic heading = Fighting Styles, Sub-heading = Ninjutsu.

In able to use this heading always put / = / three equal signs on both ends of the words you want to be a heading. It looks like this:


  • Those are all common formats and uses, used in editing a clan page. If you need more questions, Pls send it on our Questions here

By: User:Drake
Color format by Isa