Chaotic Odokuro Skull

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Exclusive Item
This item was introduced during a special event and is no longer available and will never be available again.

Chaotic Odokuro Skull
Upgrade Required: No
Rooms: 3
Equip Spot: House
Price: 1449 ACs
  • First 24 hours: 1,305 AC
  • After 24 hours: 363 AC
Location: Battleon Shop Limited Time Only

  • First house ever to have it's own Shopkeeper! (This house contains access to Hashi Hime's Shop)
  • The house is now gone as of 5th February 2009 ( you can still get the O-Dokuro Skull House with a 1 % drop rate form o-dokuros head in yokaiwar ).
Aodokuro skull.PNG
This rare, limited edition house features a tribal skull with your own shopkeeper inside and a spacious 3 - room floor plan