Bind it with Twine

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Location info
Level Required: 1
Location: Bunker
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Random
Monster List: Koalion, Tainted Emu
NPCs: Exos, Illusion of Exos
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In:
  • Emu Spine x3

Dropped by Tainted Emu

  • Koalion Claw x6

Dropped by Koalion

  • Tainted Emu Egg x7

Click on the blue arrows aound the map.

  • Koalion Twine x3
Click on the blue arrows around the map.
Total Experience: 200 Exp
Total Gold: 200 Gold
Total Reputation: 200 Skyguard Reputation
Equipment Won:
Filthy creature, Emus and Koalions! But they are vital - VITAL - to my plan! Slay the Emus and Koalions in my bunker. That should give you the 3 Emu Spines and 6 Koalion Claws I need. You must also pick up 7 of the eggs and 3 balls of twine. Those are just as necessary. Now go!