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Air Storm (/join airstorm)


High Priest of the Prime Air Dragon

Important Text

  • Before completing Hs'Sakar's Quests:

Is good that you are eager to confront Desoloth, Hero. And as soon as you have spoken with Hs' Sakar to learn what we face, I will be glad of your help in creating a potion to subdue the Great Wyrm. For now, return to the Fire Realm.

  • After completing all Hs'Sakar's Quests:

Wind refresh you, Hero! I welcome you to the Realm of the Air Dragons, such as it is. With Desoloth's influence spreading, it is not the gentle place it was. But if we can subdue him, perhaps soon you will see what a glorious place it can be! With your help, I hope to make it so!


I, As'iiur, am one of the most powerful of the Priests. Do not be fooled by my gentle ways. Without air, you'll have no breath, and no life. Without me - and my Master - the Air dragons have no guidance. That cannot be! I will protect them with everything I have! My magic, my potions… even to my life itself!

After Completing All the Quests

I do not know where your friend has gone… or if he still a friend. You cannot always trust those who appear to help. And who knows? Peharps there is something he greatly fears, something driving him to do this. We cannot always know the mind of a… friend. It will be as it must, brave one. It will be.


You would think I should know this formula already, as much a PotionMaster as I am! A greater teacher, learned and wise, and ready to share my knowledge. I correspond with Alina, and with Reens. We players with potions are tightknit group. But Hs' Sakar spurns us by withholding the knowledge!

As'iiur Quests & Shops


Warning Spoiler

  • As'iiur ends up betraying the elemental priests to Desoloth by kidnapping Galanoth
  • He is killed by Desoloth for trying to back out of his deal.