Archlich Xollen

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Archlich Xollen


Onslaught Tower (/join onslaughttower)


Leader of Gravelyn's Invasion Forces

Important Text

We have two main goals inside Onslaught Tower. First, to rescue the people that Lionfang has held captive and defeat Lionfang. Second, to neutralize the Death Fog surrounding the tower so that we can get more living soldiers in and get the captives out alive.


This ancient tower was once inhabited by a necromancer. Upon developing an interest in Thunderforge, Lionfang's forces attacked the tower and destroyed the necromancer saying that he had broken the Great truce and was attacking Good soldiers. Gravelyn has recently discovered that General Lionfang was the one who broke the Great Truce by attacking the necromancer, who was doing nothing to harm Alteon's people. As far as we know it was his first act in defiance of the truce but there may have been others. Lionfang and his troops rebuilt the tower from the crumbling rain left after the assault on the necromancer and his forces, renaming it Lion's Keep. In the last few days he and his zealots has taken to calling it Onslaught Tower. If we can rescue the good heroes of Battleon, then it will deliver a crippling blow to Lionfang and severly undermine his forces and his cause. Archlord Lionfang's crusade ends today by our hands!