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You were get sent when you take the" Grand Theft Loco-motive" mission from the virtual reality simulator. Your mission is to recover virtual crystallized dragon breath from the vault.
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Exits to: VR Room in Hyperium
Shops and NPCs
Shops: Zeus Shop
NPCs: Vulture Man
Quests & Monsters
  • The engine room key card is in the conductors pocket(in car 6)
  • The crystallized dragon breath is in the safe, there is no code just pull up the thing on the right side that blocks the safe and you will open it. Then go to the roof, if you want to get there you have to turn downwards the end of an engine in the engine room. With that breath you go all the way down the carts and to the end there you will finish your quest.
  • Some of the passengers have a chance of randomly giving out a quest if you talk to them.