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It would be a great help if contributors would post in the discussion of the page first, as to help mitigate the effort of handling the format of the guide. Thank you for all your effort and help, though.

Since Aqw 1.0,Classes have new moves and mana regeneration tips, so some info may not be true.(noxorix)


This serves as a strategic guide, and as such focuses on Mage and Warrior, the two classes that are, more or less, strategically superior in many ways. If I find the time, I would like to go into more depth on rotations used by the other classes, but for now the "Other Classes" section can advise the strategic use for any other class.

This guide aims to provide a basis behind group management for tough fights when players are hard to come by. This does, unfortunately show a statistical imbalance between the classes. This will probably all change in time. The release of mp potions alone would break this guide apart. In the end, your stylistic choice is what matters, play the class that you enjoy playing.


One of the most useful classes for dealing destructive damage. However, mages struggle to survive against bosses when going solo. (Eragon01108)


  • Auto Attack: Same as any other class (if you have the Mage Enhancement, you will find that this is weaker)
  • FireBall: Great with fireball as it burns over time. applies "scorched
  • Ice Shard: Epic when used before fireball. If fireball is used after Frozen Blood is applied, most weaker enemies will be destroyed.
  • Explosion: Good for group fighting.
  • Arcane Shield:Shields you from damage (to your HP) and transferring the damage fromm HP to MP.



  • Single Player: I'd only recommend Mage class when fighting the weaker enemies. Extremely weak against bosses (although Arcane Shield will keep you in the fight for longer). A combo of Ice Shard and then Fireball will deal Epic damage to your enemy. Explosion is a good multi-attack move. (Eragon01108)
  • Group: Mage is ok when fighting in a group. Conserve mana and let your friends act as meat shields while you obliterate the enemy. (Eragon01108)
  • Side Notes*

Mage is a very good class, and when it gets passive skills and such, it will be even better! But keep in mind that this class, like Rogue, is a class that relies ENTIRELY on it's skills. Mage's auto attack deals 90% weapon damage, and is as fast as Warrior, meaning it is the weakest in regular damage. Rogue and Ninja deal 75% damage, but are faster(Ninja being the fastest, its auto attack is potentially more dangerous than berserker!*Confirmed by Tomix*), meaning, if you put a rank 1 mage against a rank 1 rogue, same level, the mage is pretty much guaranteed to win. KEEP THAT IN MIND. If you neglect the skills, Mage sucks if you dony use skill's. Keep an eye on your MP, and don't be afraid to spam Fireball and Ice Shard. -Saintofdarkness


By far the best solo farming class in the game thanks to it's passive skills, DS, and prep strike.

Notable Skills

  • Auto Attack: Same as any other class. However, warrior class has a mass advantage as Auto Attack is given a boost from the Fighter Enhancements.
  • Decisive Strike: Good move. Most people don't appreciate the power that is unleashed (if you have good DPS). Under-rated does two attacks at the same time. used to be 1 powerful strike.
  • Imbalancing Strike: A move to consider. Although the stunning is stuffed up, and it doesn't deal alot of damage, this skill can change the flow of a battle, especially when fighting against a boss.
  • Prepared Attack: A move that increases your attack's damage for a brief time.
  • On Guard: it works just like prepared attack (increases attack damage) but it increases your defence as well.



  • Everything: Seriously. Solo farming or boss work, doesn't matter. Your job is sustained DPS. Deal as much damage for as long as possible. For this effect, start attacking, then use prepared attack and DS(Decisive Strike) quick after each other. This should stop the "point" animation of prep with the DS strike and result in a quick prep attack crit without the delay. This deals an extra 250% of an auto attack for 3 mp after rank 6. Wait until both cooldown are over, then repeat. There should only be a fraction of a second between the cooldowns. Getting the timing down is easy, try using 4 and 2 on your keyboard to get it down. This is the best DPS strategy in the game. DON'T use imbalancing or anything else, conserve your mp and make it go towards dealing as much damage as possible. A single imbalancing strike means an extra 500% of an auto attack you could have done with the prep/DS combo. If used correctly, you should almost NEVER run out of mana. This all relies heavily on the rank 6 passive.
  • Prep Trick: On fights that you expect to be particularly hard, use prepared attack before you start, then rest back to full mp and hp. You'll start battle with an instant crit. Just be sure to tell your group what you're doing.

  • Unfortunately not a very good class in PvP, from what I hear. Ninja, Enforcer, Clawsuit, and even BERSERKER will be much better choices once the new passive skills and such come out.


  • I call this strategy,The stunaftermath, Get to rank 8 and use On Guard,Then use imbalancing strike and stun the opponent,Strike the opponent and repeat this. Onguard prevents alot of damage, Imbalancing strike stuns the opponent,the others are ownage :3

  • Group fighting - I totally agree with everything written above, but I humbly offer this: Imbalancing Attack is amazing in group fighting. When you stun the big boss for 4 seconds, everyone in your party gets in 2 - 3 hits for free. Imbalance attack has a 10 second cool down. Warriors can effectively reduce the target's fighting time by 40%. This can be your most important contribution to the group's effort...and that is saying a lot, because Warrior dish a lot of damage. BUT, note: Imbalancing Attack does not often return MPs.
  • Also, when you have a (strong) healer (who knows how to play the part) completely avoid "on guard." The healer SHOULD take care of your health. Use your MP to better serve the group.


Other Classes


A very interesting class. Once again, I'm not a member, so this particular evaluation is purely a mix of hearsay and conjecture. However, it's ability to provide ninja level stuns and rogue damage enhancement all while retaining warrior passive skills is quite amazing. This is the first class where I regret not being a member. I would rank it above mage when it comes to team support. Any member that could contribute 1 level mace testing on damage would be very awesome.


Helpful. Having the ability to shift classes and heal is always nice. Doing the same for newbies low on health is always nice. Level it to rank 4 for Clear Mind, which is a great mp conversion skill. A cool trick is to equip healer, cast clear mind, then re-equip another class in order to have an extra little mp conservation trick.

  • Healing Word: The must have ability from the must have class. Adding Clear mind to it makes you almost immortal. Healing word is just amazing. it heals every ally in the room, thats all there is too it. It used to heal only the ally you targeted. Get a strong weapon if you want a better result. Non members like me would get a holy hammer of retribution when healing yourself or when someone is healing you.
  • Heartbeat: a move that does two attacks at the same time.
  • Clear mind: This is helpful to healers costing healers less mana on Healing word. Use it before you use skills. i recommend that don't use healing word when Clear mind is Deactivated especially on 1 on 1. I also recommend that you use only healing word and clear mind only. Remember that you use clear mind first before healing word.

Energy Flow: Costing only 5 mana if you're just starting out as a new player or needing to regenerate mana during fights(as a noob/just a player :D) one great thing you can do is to use Energy Flow. This skill can regenerate your mana over time during combat, it is usually the best when you're soloing or in low groups. It is not that great in high groups due to usually to the boss attacking one person then another (unless you have a tank) But usually you do not really need this but it IS great for when you don't have clearmind, or you need to regenerate mana to do so. 12 second cool down.

Rustbucket , Enforcer Class and ProtoSartorium

Has even better burst damage than ninja, with two DS level attacks in the form of Jackhammer and Plasma Bolt. Sadly, it still gets beat by warrior. Warrior's DS is 4 mana, while the robots two DS's cost 6 and 5 mp respectively. Also, prep attack means warrior can deal consistent crits while still adding to their DPS. These two factors mean warriors can pretty much have endless mana pools, which makes them much better for farming and for long boss fights. See the warrior section above on how to achieve this. Overall great classes, and definitely worth leveling for us without Pally class, at least for the coolness factor whenever they get the AOE attack working(Pulsewave). Very useful for quick farming, rather than the sustained long runs warrior can pull. Event Horizon is definitely very nice to have, and quite useful for those otherwise frustrating occasions when you are forced to fight hard hitting, low hp, mini-boss level monsters on your own.

  • Strategies: Feel free to spam Jackhammer and Plasma Bolt as much as you want if MP conservation is not a huge concern. The increased number of hits allows you more chances to crit and restore you MP. However, in any boss situation or for long farming sessions, the use of Jackhammer is not recommended, as you'll get more damage per MP point if you have the time to wait for Plasma Bolt's cooldown. Don't ever use Pulsewave.
  • Event Horizon: Being a rank 10 of this skill set makes Event Horizon much better to use in those long boss fights, supposedly longer than a minute. The reason so is because if you are hit successfully while event horizon is enabled, you take 0 damage yet you regain 1 mp from the warrior passives. Event Horizon takes up 10 mp and lasts for 12 seconds. You can easily regain a little less than half of the mp you spent with this tactic, 11 - 13 mp if you are soloing a boss.
  • Side notes*

Overall probably the best non-mem class for damage dealing. While fighting a boss don't use event horizon till the very end of your health so make sure to save up some energy,Works really well. -Joshman13x

  • Enforcer is also THE best farmer out there because of its insanely fast damage dealing. Your battles will last no more than a few seconds against the average enemy fodder. For any quest where you have to battle through hordes of enemies, go with Enforcer.

-Red Blizzard

  • Hey Red how's it goin? :P I agree with Red Blizzard completely. Enforcer and equivalent classes outclass Warrior. After all, Warrior's Prepared strike and Decisive Strike combo isnt easy to execute when theres a lot of people. Lag makes it almost impossible to work. Enforcer's skills are great as a barrage. Jackhammer, Plasma Bolt, and Pulsewave all together at once are GREAT, and Event Horizon can really change the tide in battle. Enforcer has THREE relatively effective damaging skills, while Warrior only has 2(Imbalancing Strike sucks), AND Enforcer has a much better defensive skill.



The third of the non-member classes to receive warrior passives. Of course, this immediately makes it relevant. However, Impale hurts the class in that it has no chance to crit, and DS is left with even less crit potential than Warrior or the robots. Scorching steel is your standard Decisive Strike clone, and is as awesome as that implies. And the final skill, at the current damage scaling, is almost entirely useless. However, Bane of scales is the first tanking talent implemented, and allows clever strategies whenever your opponent is of the scaly and fire-breathing variety. Definitely worth leveling to rank 9 if you have the extra time.

  • Scorching Steel: Not as good as it may seem, this move. It does 150% your weapons damage, but the class itself does 120% your weapons damage. It does 30% more damage but it takes up the same mp the warrior's DS takes up. The warriors is basically a 40% boost. All in all, the warrior's DS and the Dragon slayer's has the same result but the Dragon Slayer's is less useful to its class. But at least Scorched Steel has element to it, which won't matter until stats come in.


Paladin class is currently marked by it's ability to both heal and deal respective damage. However, it is unable to preform either of these tasks to the level of a healer or warrior, respectively. Abolish hits for 80% of the damage that s Warrior's Decisive Strike would do, yet costs 2 more MP. On the matter of healing, Empower causes a target to heal for 25% of their total DPS over 5 attacks, which currently scales much worse than a Healer's "Healing Word" except in the most insignificant of situations (Low level healer, Super high leveled heal target).

Paladin is saved from it's otherwise mediocre skill set, however, by it's final skill Eternal Light. This skill gives the paladin an effective MP restoration skill. Of course, it is not as powerful an MP manipulater as the Warrior's passive skills and does not yet benefit your party like Infusion(this is the skills NYI part). However, it still has it's merit.

Paladin, although underpowered in almost every skill in relation to some other class, is the only class that allows a solo player to actively control their HP and MP levels inside of combat, an ability many find attractive.

It is very important to realize that once the staff fixes it's (Not Yet Implemented) skills and balances out the combat of the game, Paladin should eventually be a good class which combines healing with attacks, as well as perhaps the best party supporting class in the game because of Eternal Light alone.

  • Strategies: For the most part, spam Abolish and Eternal Light whenever possible. Never use Blinding Light. When you feel the need to activate Empower and save yourself try to wait until Abolish is off cooldown so you can try to get as many Abolishes in during Empower's duration. The more Abolishes that you can fit in one Empower, the higher your healing will be.
  • Side Notes*
  • Paladin isn't a good class at the moment, and maybe only marginally better than Dragonslayer, but once it gets passive skills(Paladin's passive skills are similar to Warriors I think), it will be a threat in PvP, and also a threat to many bosses! But for now, it's a crappy class and not worth using as a support OR farming class. Just rank it up now, and don't use it outside of PTR until the passive skills are released, and the skills are implemented, 'cuz then you will be all set to put Pally to good work!


  • Paladin also gives you +30HP for those with rank above 6. It's not a lot but it's better than nothing, right? Oh, and Paladin in PTR is sooo much better! Eternal Light was deleted but now Paladins can get mana everytime they attack or are attacked. Also Empower, now the last skill, heals you every attack (lot more than before) AND raises the amount of mana you receive when struck or on strike. And finally, the skill that took place of Empower as 2nd, is a little bit weaker (I don't really remember if it's weaker... gotta check) version of Healer's healing skill. Paladin is one of the best "last-long" classes in PTR.


Rogue , Pirate , Vampire and Others

Very nice when group reaches 4+ members for puncture. Otherwise, sadly, it looses to warrior because it can't manage mp.

  • Vipers Kiss: I was going to comment on Puncture but it was already commented on in the description so here it is. Vipers Kiss, Impale and Fireball do their respective damage over time but Vipers Kiss is really something. 350% of you weapons damage! Level 8 enhancement on a weapon is usually 72-88 damage, so just 2 vipers kisses are like adding a new player to your party/group. I suggest to never use this when farming but use this when you are fighting a monster of 3000+ hp. Great move, people never really like rouge but they forget to respect the unappreciated Vipers kiss.


  • Powerhouse:

This strategy is for dealing sustained high damage and for group fighting high hp bosses:Use Viper's Kiss(V.K.), then FootWork.This is to deal as much damage as possible. Use Opportunity's strike(O.S.) right before Viper's Kiss wears off. Repeat the Viper's Kiss-Opportunity's strike combo and re-apply FootWork when possible. When the enemy's health gets below 40%(a little less than half), use Stiletto, then FootWork, because stiletto doubles the dmg of all of your attacks if the enemy's health is less than 40%, and FootWork makes you attack faster. Then spam all skills until stiletto wears off to get in more attacks(Double dmg on EVERY attack) when it wears off, your opponent should be dead. If not, repeat. Trust me, I'm level 26 and did a 982 dmg crit on the bludrut pvp team b captain with this strategy.

  • Burst:

This strategy is for fast damage bursts and is best at soloing low hp high dmg mini bosses or for really short, high damage fights:You want to attack as much as possible to get the battle over soon, so spam V.K. and O.S., and activate FootWork.When the enemy's health gets below 40%, use Stiletto, and continue spamming attacks. I've defeated lvl 250 mini bosses(Bludrut Pvp Restorers) solo with this strategy.~Arry k y

Passive skills (unlocked at rank 4)

+15% dodge chance (Elusive) +15% critical chance (Incisive)

Mana regeneration

Rogues gain mana when they: Strike an enemy in combat(better on crits) Dodge any attack(also restores Hp)

  • Side Notes*
  • Rogue is actually much better than you think! It is just about as good of a support class as Mage, if used correctly! And when Footwork is implemented, it would be much more threatening. Concealed Blade is a useless skill... But Viper's Kiss, Puncture, and Footwork(when it's implemented) can make a Rogue a formidable foe! Oh, and the Rogue will soon have a powerful Mana regen., where it regains mana every time Viper's Kiss saps enemy hp!


Rogue is an amazing class and possibly better than Pally because with the Mana regen., when you dodge, you regain Mp AND Hp. That way, you have great damage dealing and because of the high dodge chance (Foot Work=+30, Elusive=+15) healing potential. Rogue is probably the best non mem class to use in Bludrut Brawl pvp because of that, and I tried and it is one of the few non-mem classes that can solo restorers. Great for low health high dmg mini bosses.

~Arry k y


One of the best burst damage in the game. However, no mp management (after 1.0, ninja got shadowburn,which returns mana if target doesnt have shadowblade on ) and costly mp (highest mana cost is Thin Air and you woudn't use it too much anyways. Good in PvP, or just everywhere really. High damage, high mana regeneration, high dodge and has a stun. No health regen. Mana regeneration is severely reduced if the enemy is stunned though. :( All skills are single-target. Free 40 mana when landing the first strike (see Mana Regeneration) makes it good for farming for quests or whatever. Extremely useful overall, get one to rank 5 if you haven't already.


  • Crosscut: Instant strike of 2x autoattack damage. 15 mana, 2 sec cooldown. Main attacking skill, high damage, pretty decent.
  • Shadowblade: Deals damage weaker than an autoattack, applies Shadowblade, blinding the enemy for 6 seconds. It is as good as a stun, all attacks on me missed while this was active (tested on Miltonius). Prevents Shadowburn's mana regeneration, do not use unless opponent deals high damage. Many say that this is extremely useful in PvP, including against Warriors. 25 mana, 12 second cooldown.
  • Shadowburn: Deals damage weaker than an autoattack. If Shadowblade is present, use only if it is about to wear off so as to extend the stun time, it costs 5 mana and applies Shadowburn (extra 3 second stun). If Shadowblade is not present, regenerates 15 mana (20 mana gained, 5 mana cost). Awesome mana regeneration against typical monsters when Shadowblade is not needed. 6 second cooldown.
  • Thin Air: For 30 seconds, every attack received increases dodge by 3% and haste by 5%. After 30 seconds, stats return to normal. Lasts 30 seconds, costs 30 mana, cooldown 30 seconds. Extremely effective when under attacked by many low-damage monsters (eg. Grizzle Spit + 2 Box Guardians). Haven't tested its effectiveness in practical situations, someone add this in.

Passive skills (unlocked at rank 4)

+15% dodge chance (Elusive)
+15% critical chance (Incisive)

Mana regeneration

  • Shadowburn regenerates 15 mana (5 mana cost, 20 mana gain) if used when shadowblade isn't active. Its cooldown is 6 seconds, therefore mana regeneration is 2.5 mana per second.
  • Dealing damage with auto-attack returns 1 mana. (1.5sec cooldown, therefore 0.6 mana regeneration per second).
  • Dealing critical damage with auto-attack returns 2 mana.
  • Attacking an enemy the first time when not being attacked returns 40 mana.


  • Dealing high damage: Do not use Shadowblade. Spam Crosscut and Shadowburn. Thin Air is useless in a group, you won't get hit that often. I guess this is good for farming bosses in a as much damage as possible, respawn if you die (or just bring a healer).
  • Stun/PvP: (In PvP, use Shadowblade first). Use Shadowburn, then immediately use Shadowblade. Wait until Shadowblade is about to wear off (use Shadowblade's cooldown time as a guide), then use Shadowburn. Repeat from the first step (use Shadowburn again). If Shadowblade misses, Shadowburn will regenerate mana, so use Crosscut. The enemy should not hit at all while Shadowblade is active. This should reduce enemy damage to almost 1/4. For 8-9 seconds, either Shadowblade or Shadowburn will be active. You will take damage for 3-4 seconds before Shadowblade cools down, this amount can be reduced with Thief enhancements to create a near-permanent stun.
  • Criticals:Use Warrior enhancments for ninja to get more critical hits, really good for burst damage.(Even with Warrior enhancements, u still have a 1.5 auto-attack cooldown.)(Noxorix)
  • The perfect stun:Use Shadowblade,then 1 Crosscut then 1 Shadowburn and 2 more Crosscuts then another Shadowblade.Repeat.(Aamer13)

Side Notes

Thief enhancements are recommended for reduced cooldown times (attacking more often) and higher dodge rates (being attacked less often).

-Eragon4x10 (edited since ptr went live in parentheses)

Berserker and Beta Berserker

An out-dated class. Breaker was once its stand out ability, but has since been limited to apply to only 2 enemy swings, making breaker only marginally better than a disable(in that they both reduce enemy damage by 100% total, but breaker still allows procs from infusion). As such, the armor is left with a collection of sub-par, expensive, or Not Yet Implemented abilities. It's other defining trait, enhanced auto-attack damage, is put to better use by the superior Dragonslayer class. However most players like the idea of hitting 120 instead of 90 with the enhanced auto-attack.

  • side notes*
  • Yah, Berserker totally sucks, and is rated the worst class in the entire game. HOWEVER< I heard that is can be somewhat of a threat in PP, moreso than Warrior, since it also has passive skills now! (The new passive skills for the classes will not be implemented for non-members until PvP is fully released)


  • the above statement is not true it is the 2nd best class next to doomknight. also there is a way to make the beta zerker, zerker faster by clicking on broadside repetitively. thus making it a very fast class. and since every hit in a battle gives the zerker mana, you don't have to worry about losing mana rapidly


  • I Feel that beserker is 2nd only to Dragonlord, thanks to beserker's blood for blood and forgone conclusion the user is able to fight for much longer, it becomes ever stronger with high level enchanced weapons beserker (if used properly) can solo every boss in lore except for frost king, miltonius and J6.

- Mezkiel.

Please keep in mind that ALL of my comments here, aside from this one, are from a LONG time ago. Blood for Blood didn't even exist when I made my previous comment. Berserker, at this moment, is indeed much better than it used to be. I find it a great soloing class, but it is weak against classes than can stun and/or have heavy dodge boosts. I can beat Berserker most of the time without any effort. Xaidan, your statement is the false one. Doomknight is far from the best. Aside from a stun, it's a pathetic class. You should try using Rogue and Ninja! ;) But I'll assume your comment is also old, as that is likely the case. Remember, my statement wasn't false; it was just here for a long time and it extremely out-of-date. And whoever called me a "stupid looser", learn how to spell LOSER before using that lame insult. -Saintofdarkness

Ok, new post! This class rocks. I would go so far as to say that this class is the best in the game. It owns in PVP, you can solo bosses with it, and, in essence, you are your own healer (if you do it right!). Berserker has extremely high attack power and excellent defense: the criteria for an amazing tank class. Ok here's how it works. Oh, by the way, this is an actual class guide. If you follow these instructions to the letter, there's no going back. Whenever I want a fast farming session or pretty much anything that requires quick kills, long soloing, or PVP, I turn to Berserker.

Rank 1: You begin the class with the Breaker ability. This is very important. ALWAYS have this going. Whenever it reloads, click it. It decreases the damage output of your enemy by 100% for 4 seconds. The damage you deal with it won't be very high, however, since it only applies the weapon's DPS to your attack. Do NOT overlook this ability. It's saved my life countless times. It also gives you more time for Forgone Conclusion to expire. I'll get to that later. MP Cost: 30 Recharge Time: 8 seconds

Rank 2: This is a fairly pointless and weak ability: Broadside. Not much to say about this one. It deals 70% weapon damage that cannot be avoided, but it also cannot perform a critical strike. Since Berserkers use huge amounts of mana, this will just cut straight into your MP reserves. But! This ability does have one use. Only one. In PVP, this is the Rogue's undoing. Rogues, with their annoying "dodge almost every attack" cheapness, cannot avoid this. So, spam them with this ability and you'll (in the very least) will destroy their health reserves. Even if you die, another player can come and finish them off for you.

                MP Cost: 15         Recharge Time: 2 seconds.

Rank 3: Blood for Blood. Without this, Berserker is the worst class in the game. This is what makes this class. EVERYTHING depends on this ability. It's a fairly simple concept: Does damage based on the difference between your max health and your current health. Now, if you think about this, this ability can do HUGE damage. Wait till your health is around 30% and let 'em have it! This ability easily deals anywhere from 500-2000 damage. It is also a key factor in Forgone Conclusion. ONLY use this when your health is low.

                 MP Cost: 30         Recharge Time: 10 seconds.

Rank 4: PASSIVE ABILITIES. Here's what you get: Furious: Increases all damage done by 15%. Resolute: Damage taken reduced by 10%. Not much to say. It helps quite a bit. But since I'm not a fan of delving into the individual stats, I'll just say that this is a nice thing to have.

And finally, Rank 5: Forgone Conclusion. This is what keeps the Berserker alive. Here's the description: Increases haste by 25% for 12 seconds. When the effect fades, you will receive health based on a small percentage of damage dealt under its effects. Translation: the more damage you do, the more health you get back after Forgone Conclusion's effect ends. Which is why Blood for Blood is perfect for this. You deal lots of damage with Blood for Blood, so use it while Forgone is active. When Forgone fades, if you used Blood for Blood wisely, you can heal anywhere between 500 and your max health!

                 MP Cost: 20         Recharge Time: 30 seconds.

In short, almost nothing can stop a Berserker. If it had more mana reserves, it would be unbeatable. However, it still does have its weak points. It's magical resistance is rather low giving mages an advantage.

Ok, last thing. This is gonna be a quick strategy guide. I'm gonna apply what I told you before to a real situation.

I go to the Red Dragon to solo. First things first. This class needs warrior enhancements on all items except for the sword. The sword needs a lucky enhancement (increases damage done by crits). Now, begin this fight (in this case I'm talking about Red Dragon. However, this is pretty much a one-size-fits-all type of strategy. Feel free to play around with it, though!). First, Forgone Conclusion. The point of this is to keep your health as high as possible for the duration of the fight. Though your health will get low, that's what Blood for Blood is for. After that, cast Breaker. Spam that Dragon with Breaker till either a) your health gets low, or b) Forgone Conclusion runs out. The solution to the second problem is just to hit forgone conclusion again. ALWAYS have Breaker and Forgone going. BUT! Say, your health gets low. This is where timing is everything. Quickly cast Breaker on the boss (Red Dragon) to stop him from killing you too fast. Then cast Forgone Conclusion. You must wait for 12 seconds (the time until the effect fades). During these few seconds, cast Breaker and Blood for Blood. Blood for Blood is FAR more important to cast in this case. Why? The more damage you do, to more health you get back after Forgone ends. You can fit two Blood for Bloods in that 12 seconds and in the middle of those, use Breaker over and over. When the 12 seconds are up, boom, you got a lotta health back. Keep this strategy up till the boss falls. Keep in mind though, that this does not work for all bosses. Some bosses CANNOT be soloed. Don't expect to be able to kill everything in sight with this class. I still ask for help on a few of the bosses every now and then!



A rare class that everyone loves to show they farmed for. It is, contrary to popular belief, a rogue equivalent, if that. Despite what the tool tip suggests, irish blessing hits for the same damage as viper's kiss, just spaced differently. From there, the third skills feature mostly minute differences. Finally, if tool tips are to be believed(Which *ahem* they aren't) the final skill of Leprechaun is actually shorter than a rogue's. However, unlike a rogue's final skill, Lep's skill actually works in the current game. Casting Patrick's Secret after Needle Point skill will help you get the most damage per mana for both the skills, and can boost your auto attacks to Decisive Strike levels.


  • A Few Confirmations: Leprechaun's final skill DOES do the same skill as Rogue's last skill in a much shorter amount of time. In addition, its first skill and second skill are EQUAL to Rogue's first two skills. Finally, its third skill is INFERIOR to Rogue's third skill as it increases the amount of damage you take but does not increase your dodging in any way, while the Rogue's skill barely increases dodging. But why get any Rogue-based class to begin with? They have no mana regen.

- Red Blizzard

  • Personally I have never used it since it hit rank 10(which I did just to say I did) and now only equip it to show everyone who calls me a nob who just started playing that I am not (Closely followed up by another presentation of the Beta Berserker.).

I actually think it is much better now i can hit over 2000!

  • even though everyone else says leprechaun class is for show off i have a little heals automatically when it dodges an attack. (both hp and mp)


You are all wrong about Lep is a GREAT class. You guys just don't know how to use it right. I use it not to show off and who does for that matter. I use it because no one can ever hit me because it has the highest dodge rate of all the classes that coincide with it. If lep is used right you can hit well into the 500's or even 1000's. ~Sir Mocow

Who ever said the above comment I sort of agree with you because rogue based classes rock ( once I did 1000 dmg with pirate)and there for so does lep. And red blizzard, rogues have the best mana regen now because it also regens hp. Also neither third skills increase the amount of dmg you take, but how fast you deal dmg. The only real difference is looks. ~Arry k y


With a good knowledge of DPS dynamics and stats and what they do, and how to build it for the class, this is the strongest class in the game. You are one of Sepulchure's own, the power of the Shadowscythe embedded within you. Ruthless and cruel, a DoomKnight will show his opponent no mercy. The DoomKnight can crush opponents with it's high attack power and critical hit rate. Along with being able to heal itself with the Dark Siphon ability, this is truly a class to contend with.


  • Level 1:

Dark Siphon: A quick attack that applies Dark Wound to the target, while dealing 100% of your weapons DPS (Damage per Second) damage. Dark Wound effect stacks, and once stacked, immediately heals you for two times your weapon DPS. Attacking the target with Dark Siphon during the time Dark Wound still applied stacks and refreshes Dark Wound. Dark Wounds lasts 8 seconds, and can be stacked up to 5 times. High usage.

  • Level 2:

Soul Crush: A quick attack dealing both Physical and Magical damage. Does a fair amount of damage, but is lessened in power with every Dark Wound applied on the target. Approximately decreased per DW by .12%, effectively dealing minimal damage with 5 Dark Wounds stacked. Moderate usage.

  • Level 3:

Void Strike: A strong attack, dealing 100% normal damage, plus an amount derived from your total MP and HP. Possibly doubled with full MP and HP. Unfortunately, it is very Mana heavy, and if used in succession, you'll end up Mana-less. Semi-Moderate usage.

  • Level 4:

Aggression: PASSIVE ABILITY Modifies total damage done while the class is equipped by 10%

Resolute: PASSIVE ABILITY Decreases total damage taken while the class is equipped by 10%

  • Level 5:

Blood Offering: If a Dark Wound is applied to the target, the caster will receive additional damage when attacked, but a portion of the amount of damage received will be added in to their next Auto Attack. Lasts 10 seconds. NOTE: If no the target is not afflicted with Dark Wound, the target will only receive a three second stun.

  • Level 10:

DoomStrike: PASSIVE ABILITY This is a extremely powerful it can do 50 times more damage on a auto attack but it is very rare to do.

Information and Strategy

The DoomKnight is a very powerful class, if used correctly. Not completely a main tank/attack class, it is more of a support class that can withstand the enemy for extended periods of time. With the ability to regain Mana with every attack done, and with every attack received you may never go low on Mana. Health is not much a problem either, as with every Dark Siphon strike, two times your weapon DPS is given back to you as Health. Keep up those Enhancements!

If applied at the right time, your Void Crush can be a devastating game changer, dishing out 200%+ of your normal damage, as long as you keep your Health and Mana Points up. Sadly, the Soul Crush ability doesn't have much use, other than just to pointlessly flail about and deal less damage then you usually do. On top of that, the more Dark Wounds you have stacked on your target, the less damage you do! Well, they had to give the class one awful skill. It'd be overpowered otherwise.

Blood Offering. Probably the most interesting skill in the game. You see, this is to use when you're about to die, and you're hanging on to those last few slivers of life. Taking additional damage, you take the damage you just took, and deal a part of it back, a long with your total damage. Pretty nifty, huh? An eye for an eye. Done correctly, this may save your party from defeat. The extra damage dealt really comes in handy, and as long as you have Dark Siphon, you can just get that health right back up!

Because the DoomKnight may use Dark Siphon and gain health, and gains mana when attacking and being attacked, the DoomKnight may almost never go low on Mana. Resting is always necessary, of course, but a DoomKnight can grind 3-4 enemies before actually needing to rest. This makes the class a great grinding/farming class. This also allows the DoomKnight to become one of the best tanks in the game. Paired up with a healer, the two may become next to unstoppable.

The DoomKnight's high critical rate and 127% damage addition are a great help, as you do more damage with weapons than any other class. And once you hit level 4, you get an extra 10% damage. So in the end, you're doing 37% extra weapon damage!

Chronomancer Class


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