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Exclusive Item
This item was introduced during a special event and is no longer available and will never be available again.

Male and female Beta Berserkers.

Berserkers are crazed, intensely powerful fighters. they fear nothing, least of all death, and are known to become even more dangerous when wounded.

Mana Regeneration: Berserkers gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to their own hp total.

Favorable Stats:

  • Strength, gives more damage and higher critical strike chance.
  • Dexterity, gives more haste, hit and evasion.
  • Endurance, debatable. gives more hp for better survival, but in doing so, mana regenerates slower. High Endurance gives a larger window of opportunity for Blood for Blood, and larger recoveries from Forgone Conclusion
  • Luck, gives more critical hit damage, minimal critical hit chance.



Beta Berserker Skills
Auto Attack.png


Description: A strong attack known only to disciplined fighters.

Effect: Continuously attack

Swing time: 2 seconds

MP Cost: -

Unlocks at rank: 1

Breaker icon.png


Description: Deals weapon DPS as damage and reduces opponent's damage output significantly for 4 seconds.

Effect: Deals weapon DPS, and reduces opponent´s damage by roughly 30% for 4 seconds.

Recharge Time: 8 seconds

MP Cost: 30

Unlocks at rank: 1

Broadside icon.png


Description: Deals 70% of weapon damage, cannot be avoided but cannot also be crit.

Effect: Deals 70% weapon damage, cannot crit, cannot miss.

Recharge Time: 2 seconds

MP Cost: 15

Unlocks at rank: 2

Lunge icon.png

Blood For Blood

Description: Deals damage based on the difference between your current and maximum HP.

Effect: Does damage based on the difference between your current and max HP. Less hp means more damage. Best at 40% health or less.

Recharge Time: 10 seconds

MP Cost: 30

Unlocks at rank: 3

notes: This is also known as PvPer's bane since if you are against someone with less hp then you total and you have lost more hp then they have use this for an instant (if it hits) kill

Forgone Conclusion.PNG

Foregone Conclusion

Description: Increases haste by 25% for 12 seconds. When the effect fades, you will receive a small percentage of damage dealt under its effects as health.

Effect: Increases haste by 25% for 12 seconds, Decreasing the cooldown of all skills (including auto-attack) and the global cooldown. When the effect expires, you will receive health depending on total damage dealt under its effects.

Recharge Time: 30 seconds

MP Cost: 20

Unlocks at rank: 5

Passive Skills

Unlocks at rank: 4

Passive Skill.png


Passive Ability: Increases all damage done by 15%

Passive Skill.png


Passive Ability: Damage taken reduced by 10%

Tips On Enhancements

Class: Fighter

Sword: Fighter

Cape: Fighter

Helm: Fighter

Past Notes

  • There is a similar armor called Undead Berserker in the Evil Shop at Shadowfall, but is an armor not a class.
  • In Beta it was common for people to do 400+ base damage at low levels. Only strong, high level players can do this now.
  • It does the same damage as Dragonslayer Class, 120% base damage.
  • Has the same skill set as Berserker Class.
  • Due to the availability of this class, Beta Berserker is one of the rarest classes to find in the game, with the exception of Alpha Pirate, which is impossible to acquire.
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