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Tips on Enhancements

Class: Healer

Weapon: Lucky

Helm: Healer

Cape: Healer

  • Increases your important stats and has little bit of luck that gives a better chance to critical hit

Class: Wizard

Weapon: Wizard

Helm: Wizard

Cape: Wizard

  • Full Wizard enhancement gives more intellect which means higher healing

Class: Warrior

Weapon: Warrior

Helm: Healer

Cape: Healer

  • Warrior Improves your endurance giving you more HP and also Strength which means higher damage, Healer enhancement buffs the stats that you need.

You can mix all these to form even more combos, but these ones are recommended

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The below is taken from the BattleOn Forums class build guide.


Notes/How to use: This healer would be mainly used if it is just you fighting, most likely another player, as it's not meant for healing allies and defending while fighting tough bosses and such. Anyways, on to how to use this build. Make sure you keep your HP as high as possible so you can use Heart Beat to cause a fair amount of damage. The passive skills will increase your healing power by 10% and decrease your opponent's damage dealt to you by 10%. As you can see, this is more of a defensive class. If you are in need of mana, use Energy Flow to regain some, heal yourself, then keep the Heart Beats coming. When in parties, go with Wizard enhancements. Lucky is a necessity always, critical heals are always welcome.

Class: Healer / Wizard

Helm: Healer / Wizard

Cape: Healer / Wizard

Weapon: Lucky

Notes/How to use: This is the type that will probably best benefit Healer. With the passive skills already increasing your Healing magic by 10%, it also decreases your damage taken by 10%! How great is that? Healing Word is a wonderful spell, healing a large amount of HP to one person, or heals up to three others but with a slightly smaller amount. Using Energy Flow will increase your mana each time you inflict damage for 12 seconds. You can then heal all that damage you just took using Healing Word. This class is also great for helping fellow players in a battle. Calm Mind, can give a friendly target 50% mana reduction for their skills. You can also cast it on yourself, and use Healing Word for only a measly 15 mana.

Class: Healer

Helm: Healer / Lucky

Cape: Healer

Weapon: Healer / Lucky