Princess Brittany

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Princess Brittany is the eldest daughter of King Alteon



Brittany, who is the eldest daughter, has the largest shoe collection in the world. She only wears armor with a Gucci or Prada tag on it! In between shopping and talking through the magical communication pool, she enjoys staring in reality TV-orb shows.

Important text

Ugh! Can you believe the NERVE of those knights? Interrupting our Feast like that. Daddy should have had them thrown into the dungeon. But YOU'LL take care of them, won't you Hero? And, hmmm, once you're done with that, you wouldn't mind helping me with an errand, would you?

Swordhaven has the WORST parties! Daddy never invites anyone to balls anymore. *pout* How am I supposed to find a prince if there are no dances where I can stun them with ravishing beauty. It's not FAIR!