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Oishii (before completing the quests).
Oishii (after completing the quests).
Oishii (at the Restaurant on the Ravine).

Oishii is a lunch lady. She saved Twig as a baby, but after consuming an elemental orb from Oishii’s spice cabinet, Twig gained the power of invincibility! This orb was crucial to Twig’s survival since very few can survive Oishii's signature dishes.


Oishii is a troll who is a Grandmaster Lunch Lady at Thanksgiving events, and also known as a Culinary Adept at Bloodtusk Ravine.


Harvest, Cornycopia, Bloodtusk Ravine and Yulgar's Inn (during pancake day)

Important Text

Oishii, Culinary Adept (Bloodtusk Ravine)

Hi there! I'm so glad you choose the Restaurant on the Ravine! We're a VERY high class establishment, I can assure you. You'll find the freshest ingredients, the most attentive wait staff, and… ME! Your Master Chef, ready to create a culinary concoction that will allow your palate to experience… perfection!

Oishii, Grandmaster Lunch Lady (Harvest Festival)

Beginning the Event

Oh no.. <sob> <sob> I am so sorry <sniff> <sob> the Harvest Feast is ruined. I wanted to surprise you with the greatest feast Lore has ever seen. But it went horribly... horribly.. wrong...

What Happened?

What went wrong? <crying> I am so embarrassed. I was trying to cook you the most complicated and dangerous culinary creation in history! I.... I....I was trying to cook you a....

A... what?

A... Tur... Tur... TUR-DRAKEN!

A Turdraken!?

(all in area automatically say: A Turdraken!?!?) <Sniffs> Yes, A Turdraken! The meaty madness of a Turkey, Drake and Chicken cooked as one! But the cooking magic was more then I could handle...

Oh no...

Instead of cooking it turned into an unstoppable monster of evil and is creating the four food groups of destruction to conquer the world with!

Do not worry... I will help you!

<sniff> Help me save the Harvest Feast? Really? I can show you what to do... but... but it will be dangerous. I know you have battled the undead and slayed Dragons. BUT you have never done anything this dangerous! "What could possibly be more dangerous?"


COOKING! Let's do it! Meet me at the Cornycopia food supply! Let's save the Harvest Festival.

Ending the Event

YAY! The Harvest Feast is saved! You are my hero. I am going to create a new recipe and name it after you! I guarantee it will have a serious... fear factor.


First 2 Years Quests

Thanksgiving 2010 Quests

Bloodtusk Ravine Quests


  • "Oishii" means "Delicious" in Japanese.
  • The real Oishii is also a member of the Creative Art team On Adventure Quest.
  • Also appears in Yulgar's Inn during Pancake Day where she flips pancakes, sometimes she flips them too high and a random player to be hit, doing the Feign animation, but not really dying.