Khasaanda (Monster)

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This is the monster type of Khasaanda, for the NPC, click here.
Khasaanda (Monster)
Level: 40
HP: 33,830
MP: 100
Difficulty: 4 Stars
Exp: Depends on level
Class Points: Depends on rank
Gold: Depends on level
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items:


Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Dream Nexus
Khasaanda (Monster).png
  • Khasaanda is immune to stun / petrify attacks.
  • She can lock any attack used on her for a few minutes. Self or group buffing or healing will not be locked.
  • She can forsee and defend against all incoming attacks by reducing your damage by 100% and counter them with the same amount of damage you would've inflicted on her every once in a while. Prior to the release of the Inn at the Edge of Time, this originally played the message "Khasaanda can foresee and counter all attacks!" and didn't give players any warning. As of said release, this now plays the message "Khasaanda prepares a counterattack!" and gives the players a warning and time to prepare for her counterattacks, and then plays the second message "Khasaanda is countering all attacks!" once she starts her Prophetic Vision ability.
  • Since she can lock any means of attacks, players therefore are advised not to use the Healer class. First, Energy Flow is counted as an attack. Second, Healers must rely on this skill to refill mana. Third, Energy Flow can get locked down by Khasaandra. Evolved Shaman is extremely vital to beat her, since they are the only effective healers. Paladins are also 100% useless due to their mana regen method.