Haunted Halls of Hollowsoul

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Haunted Halls of Hollowsoul
Legend says that HollowSoul Castle was so big that many heroes got lost and ended up dying within its expansive corridors. Only the bravest Members will have the opportunity to explore HollowSoul… but your success in reaching the end is something no one can promise. Duke Ellington is waiting for you in the Hollow Halls… but it will take more than brains and brawn to reach the Hollowsoul Lich at the end!
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Exits to: Hollowsoul Castle
Hollowsoul Halls.png
Shops and NPCs
Quests & Monsters
  • Entrance to this ancient castle requires completion of all previous Hollowsoul Castle Quests,plus having in your possession the Hollowsoul Key, which can be obtained from the previous Hollowsoul Castle Quest chain.
  • One can then obtain the Hollowsoul Red Key, which allows you to destroy your Hollowsoul Key, allowing one access to the red door.
  • One can also obtain the Hollowsoul Green Key, which can be used in the stead of above mentioned Red Key, opening the red and green doors.
  • Finally, you have the Hollowsoul Blue Key, which allows you access to all three doors and the rest of Hollowsoul.
  • When one finally has in their possession the Blue Key, then one can delete all other Hollowsoul keys in their possession.
  • With the Blue Key in their inventory, one can access the secret area of the Hollowsoul Lich.
  • Monsters aggressive in this area
  • Once you have the Blue Key, you can delete all the other keys.


There may be more random rooms. There is a room with 2 Poultrygeists

Items in this Area

Quest Items in This Area