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  • With these farming guides you can Rank Up/Farm Gold/Level Up easily.
  • Gold and XP values are dependent upon level, so the numbers quoted on this page may not apply to your character.

Gold Farming

Harvest Event

Go to /grams and accept Aria's quest 'Animal Army for Aria'. Kill the animals and get the helmet. It sells for 62,500 gold. Only available during the Thanksgiving event.


Accept Nulgath quest and kill The Elemental, if you complete quest you get 13,000 Gold, and if you are lucky and get voucher of Nulgath, which you can sell for 250,000 gold.

Crash Site

  • Accept the 3 first Crash Site quests(Quadrolithium, Dam Balloons and Bumper Bolts).
  • Now go ahead , if you are powerful enough: you can get 3,750 bonus gold , if you are not powerful enough to kill Dwakel Warrior, kill Dwakel Blaster.
  • Dwakel Blaster drops a helm that sells back at 1,250 gold and Dwakel Warrior drops a sword that sells back at 3,750 gold.
  • Also you can kill Barrier Bot for Barrier Bot Helm to get 2,500 bonus gold.
  • Now go back to finish the quests.
  • This gold farm will grant you: 200 gold(quest gold reward), + 7,500 gold(quest items rewards), + 7,500 (Dwakel Bubble Helm + Dwakel Warrior Sword + Barrier Bot Helm), +500 gold(Dwakel's gold drop) = +15,500 Gold
    • Note: If you want the best results and fast gold, join a server, say Safira, and join dwakel-9999.
    • Note: You can sell the items in the woman's Enhancement Shop
    • Note: This farm has been nerfed and the data above is outdated

Grizzle Spit Farming

Location: /join Boxes

  • Grizzle Spit is the boss of the area and he drops the giant protector blade which sells for 7,500 gold. You can get millions quickly especially if you have unlocked the paladin shop in Swordhaven (which is conveniently placed next to the area boxes)
  • The best farm spot is the black knight as all the weapons he drops sell for 6,250 gold and they drop almost every time.


Location: /join Escherion

  • Enter the portal
  • Staff of Inversion is the easy monster, next to Escherion himself, and you can keep killing the staff until it drops the Staff of Inversion which sells for 12,500 gold.

Aracara Farming

Location: /join faerie

  • It's very easy to defeat especially if you have the Warrior Class or any other fast killing classes.

Hydra Farming

  • If you are a high level and high a strong/highly ranked class then farming not just hydra but in all cases will be easy
  • Just keep attacking the heads until you get the drops.

Vasalkar Lair (+EXP Farming)

  • Accept the 3 first Vasalkar Lair quests Dragonbane , Dragon Scales, and Dragon Souvenirs and for some bonus EXP accept the available Dragon Slayer quest. I suggest Dragonslayer Veteran and Dragonslayer Reward quest if you want to kill Wyverns and/or Dragonslayer Veteran if you want to kill Bronze, and Venom and Purple Draconians.
  • You can get good gold and Class Points here.
  • Your total EXP will be: 1,250(Quests EXP rewards) + 1,550(Draconians EXP) = 2,800 EXP or 1,200(Quests EXP rewards) +850(Wyverns EXP) = 2,050.
    • Note: If you want best results and fast EXP type /join Lair-9999 in Safiria Server.

Djinn Realm

  • Repeatedly kill harpies
  • They have 1840 hp and are level 30.
  • If there are no harpies, join a different instace.

New Events

  • When ever there is a New Event there are usually monsters that give more than 200 xp

Willow Creak[[Media:E[h--Rankog 17:11, 4 May 2011 (EDT)tRankog

tp:// link title]xample.ogg]] Also go to willow creek and fight the warewolf after appcepting the tepestuous thimes quest east 200XP and 200 Gold

Class Point Farming

  • Crash Site is a lot easier than Valsakar's lair to gain Class Point , but , already doing GOLD FARMING and EXP FARMING you get a good CLASS POINT quantity.
  • Note: If you want best results and fast CLASS POINTS(rep) type /join dwakel-9999 or /join Lair-9999 in Safiria Server.

Swordhaven Undead

Location: /join Swordhavenundead, then go kill Skeletons and Slimes, they are incredibly easy to kill and have the same class point yield as lvl 10s.

Chaos Marsh

Location: /join Chaosmarsh, then kill the Spiders and wolves for easy kills, decent exp, and good class points.

  • Also a good place to farm class points is in Willow Creek, there are the hidden spy they hive you allot of money,exp and class points.

Blinding Snow

Location /join blindingsnow


Location /join pirates

  • Defeating the new undead pirates awards very high class points and xp.

Guide to fast GOLD and EXP for low levels


  • For first type /join newbie
  • Accept the quest Defeat Dodgear with Maya.
  • You can get a moderated EXP and GOLD here(to low levels)
  • If you do this for at least 5 times , you will get 1,000 EXP and 1,000 Gold

Crash site

  • Go to the area of the ProtoSartorium (Boss) (Boss)
  • Kill the Sentry Bots, they have 400 life, they are level 15 and gives the same amount of EXP and Class Points like Dwakels
  • If you don't know where to find this things, just go through the laser and you will find them floating and attacking you with the boss.
  • This is the far most effective way to gain EXP and Class Points easily.
  • There is also the Chaos Eggs in the Upper City of Dwarfhold
  • Accept the quest and kill the eggs,they have 310hp so it is easy and some are lvl 5 with 500 hp and 10 hp


  • You can get 12,500 gold easily in this place killing some Skeletal Fire Mages.
  • Type /Join PortalUndead and accept the "Fire Gem" quest.
  • Then you can get a fire gem fighting Skeletal Fire Mages(1 or 2% drop, but the battle is short, you can fight 10 of them in 1 minute, so this quest take 1-5 minutes. You need luck!)
  • Then you'll get a staff (Burn It Down)
  • Sell it for 12,500!!!!!
  • It works only once per day because it is a daily quest.
  • If you are lvl 10-50 you won't receive gold or exp just complete the quests


  • For first you will need at least 5 friends
  • You must be complete Citadel quests
  • Now accept these 2 quests Grand Inquisitor's Penance and Grand Inquisitor's Surprise Visitor
  • Your total EXP will be: 750 EXP(Quests EXP reward) + 230 to 250 EXP(Grand Inquistor EXP) = +1,000 EXP for each time you do this farm.
    • Note : This EXP farm is very hard. Through the challenge against the Grand Inquisitor, his hits are very massive (recommended Healer).
    • The Grand Inquistor attacks are above 100, you must have both offensive and defensive classes like Healer and Enforcer.


  • If you want to get gold fast one way is to go up to the area in Citadel where there are two guards with +1000 HP kill them and get their drop and go sell it back at the wizard and repeat this quest multiple times.

SleuthHound Mystery Inn

  • This is a very effective class points farm. Go up the stairs and then take a left or go to the hall in front of room 102, anywhere where there are 2 monsters. Each 1 has 1128 health and gives just as much class points as the monsters in Crash Site. Over a small amount of time you can have tons of class points. In all the canned chat servers there are always plenty of players farming for gold and experience here i leveled up 19 lvls here and gained over 500,000 gold

Chaorrupted Bear

  • Kill all seven wolfs so you can get access to the bear, have another person to come with you. You will kill the bear for it's drops, once you get a drop, ask the friend you brought to stay at the bear so you can goto (Or utilize the game menu shops) yulgar's and sell the drop. Repeat this process until you have the amount of money you want/need.

Experience Farms


  • /join shadowrealm
  • Kill enemies for great EXP and CP


  • You need to have completed Doomvault first.
  • Once you've completed Doomvault you can quickly get to the Ghost King Angler room from the gift shop, you must take the quest 'I Command You, Help Me!' which gives 2000 Experience and gold every time you defeat it.
  • It'll always drop, the monster only hits 10-15 damage and in large groups it's large HP of 37,658 stands no chance.
  • The quest will automatically turn itself in so just skip the cutscene and go back into the Ghost King Angler's room to repeat.
  • It is suggested to use powerhouse classes and in large groups to speed this process as much as possible however with decent level you can solo it with various classes.
  • Discovered by Alses


Location Arcangrove [Rayst]

Farm them with friends and you will be leveling up like crazy

Doomwood Forest

  • First of all type/join doomwood and after that go down,then go left till you found Undead Paladin.
  • Just farm him because he gives 303 XP And he only has about 1800 HP.


  • Accept the quests Ruined Ruins and Blueish Glow.
  • After getting all required items , go back and turn in.
  • Your total EXP will be 900(Quests EXP Reward) + 1,050(Gargoylies EXP) = 1,950 EXP
  • click return to camp to get back down fast, and do it again.


  • Accept the quests Quickdraw and Arm Yourself.
  • Go to the Golem
  • Keep the Quickdraw Quest's "go to camp" and "stay here longer" bar open, and fight Golems until you get the quest item again.
  • Click return to camp to get back down fast, and do it again.
    • Note :Although they don't always drop, there are level tens at the strength of level ones. You will get more experience, gold and rep from them faster than standard level tens, and you'll get more than slimes will give you.
  • Note : The Quest items do not always drop, so Vasalkar Lair farming is still more affective.


  • If your low level go to beehive-1 which usually has a good amount of people trying to get exp fight the guards they gives about 200 exp each time u defeat them and get 90 gold which will help for farming gold.


If you are level 15-30 go to /join orchestra and kill the monsters in the first room, there are always much people here. Gives about 250 exp per monster, and the monsters are weak if you kill them with a team.


  • Kill Chaos Gemrald.Gives about 300+ exp per monster.


  • Kill the Undead pirates. It gives you 400 exp but sadly it just give around 100 for golds.
  • Its suitable to farming exp but not for gold.


  • This is members only!
  • First of all type in /join backstage or /join palooza and click on the Go Backstage button in the top right.
  • When you arrive you should see two doors. Enter the top one. This should take you to a room filled with 3 Pyrotechnicians and one Lighting Specialist.
  • There's usually some people here killing these monsters, which give great exp
  • Note: The door to the left leads to a cool house shop!

SleuthHound Mystery Inn

Location: /Join SleuthHound

  • If you go in the building one room up on room left probably you see lots of people there fighting Tables and Chairs they give around 160EXP


  • Keep killing the astral ephermites with your friends like you are crazy, since they give nearly 500 xp.
  • Also the best class point farm currently available.


  • Due to some changes by Artix Entertainment, all monsters now gives some experience points and gold alike, regardless of what level they are, although the class points aren't confirmed yet. (Yes, even level 1!)