"Amulet of Wishes"

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"Amulet of Wishes"


The so-called "Amulet of Wishes" which can grant anything you wish for instantly. This is an item held by Ziri who has no idea of what this amulet really is. All this time, Ziri thought that Ziri's wishes were all true and that they were granted instantly, but that's not the case after all, it was all just a mere illusion put into the mind of the beholder to THINK that all the "wishes" they wished for came true.


  • It can "grant" anything you wished for instantly only in the condition that you are just made to THINK they all came true.
  • It also has the same properties of brainwashing.
  • Due to its "power", it can make you crazy and insane enough to think that all you wish for came true.