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Welcome to the AQWorlds Wiki, TheodoreBarbour285!

Hi, TheodoreBarbour285! Welcome to the AQWorlds Wiki, a part of the EverythingLore Community! We’re pleased to have you here in our community, and we’d like to help make your wiki contributing experience easier.

A good starting point in editing would be to familiarize yourself with our Rules. Compliance with these general reminders will ensure your edits will be of high quality and that the readers of the Wiki will be able to find the information that they need in a breeze!

You will next want to get familiar with how to contribute. Our Help Page will greatly fill you with the knowledge you need to start editing.

Please read both pages thoroughly to ensure the contributions that YOU make are of the highest standards that we’ve preserved in the Wiki.

Our dedicated team of friendly wiki staff are always here to help you - feel free to contact us anytime on our IRC Channel. Please also consider creating a LoreForum Account at, our discussion hub for everything related to the Wiki and more!

Thank you for your continued service to the AQWorlds community!