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dark layout

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cherry tree layout V.1

User talk:XliausxUser:XliausxClan:Dark AnarchyMain PageClan Hall of FameClan:Dark AnarchyCategory:Welcoming CommitteeUsercherry.jpg
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cherry tree layout V.2

User talk:XliausxUser talk:XliausxUser talk:XliausxClan Hall of FameUser:XliausxClan:Blood LustClan:Blood LustClan:Blood LustCategory:Welcoming CommitteeCategory:Welcoming CommitteeUser:Xliausx/TestUser:Xliausx/TestGreencherry.jpg
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ninja layout

User talk:XliausxUser:XliausxClan:Dark AnarchyClan Hall of FameNinjauserxl.jpg
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how to make a image map

here is a little guide to make a image map:

  1. Step one make your image including all the text (i havent figured out how to make text box's ontop of the image yet)
  2. Step two upload this image aqworlds wiki and use the link of the image on this site (this site map's the areas you want in it)
  3. Step three after mapping is complete click html code
  4. Step four you will see co-ordinates (copy them and put them some where like a note pad.)
  5. Step five use this code:

<imagemap>Image:your image name here.jpg|800px| rect 25 285 133 317 [[link to destination here]] rect 27 325 135 357 [[link to destination here]] rect 28 357 136 389 [[link to destination here]] rect 15 240 150 276 [[link to destination here]] rect 36 158 125 236 [[link to destination here]] desc bottom-left </imagemap>
The rect stands for rectangle. that is the shape of the area which will be click-able for the link.
You can also use pent (five locations) circle and on other...
The site will give you co-ordinates with a comma in between for example 25,285,133,317 change this to 25 285 133 317 (spaces instead of comma's).

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