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Player Details
Name: Kirbena
Level: 100
Alignment: Good
Gender: Female
Member: Yes
Founder: No
Achievements: See list of achievements below
Fav. Class: Healer Class
Fav. Location: Yulgar's Inn
Items: Too many to list, but mostly Chaos Lord and Chaos Beast items
Classes: See list of current classes below
Armors: Escherion's Robe, Vath's Chaotic Dragonlord Armor, Chaos Shogun Armor, Wolfwing Armor, Discordia Armor, One-Eyed Doll Band, Ledgermayne Armor, Mirror Drakath Armor, Tibicenas Armor, Soul of Chaos Armor, Soul of Chaos Human Armor, Corrupted SkyGuard Captain, Iadoa Armor, Maximillian Armor, Chaos Lionfang Armor, Chaos Lord Alteon Armor, Xiang Chaos, Chaorrupted Artix & Beleen, Chaorrupted Cysero & Alina, Chaos Berserker Armor, Chaotic Mage Armor, Chaos Rogue Armor, Chaotic Healer Armor, Original Drakath Armor, Chaos Champion Prime Armor, The Fallen Mage, Lion's Bane, Tyndarius's Wrath, Nightshade Bounty Hunter, Final's Armor, Final's Base Armor, General Nevanna, Nevanna Armor, Blessed Karok, Shogun of Shadows, Blacksea Captain, Midnight Kat Burglar, Yokai Spirit Mage, Evolved Champion of Order, Underworld Evoker, Empowered Underworld Evoker, Underworld Cleric, Underworld Berserker
Notes: *A zany, wacky magic-user heroine who enjoys the Chaos storyline and cosplays as female versions of the Lords of Chaos as well as female versions of the Queen's Generals
  • Kirbena is a female character created by Kirbyfan103, a male user, an example of a character of one gender played by a user of the opposite gender
  • She has many different other items and armors in her bank, including but not limited to many other drops from the Chaos Lords than the ones she currently has in her bag, as well as rare items and even some permanent miscellaneous items.

Character Story

The 13 Lords of Chaos

Kirbena, like all AQWorlds heroes, was originally the Eternal Dragon of Time. Years after she allowed Galanoth to slay her in order to create her world, she was reborn to a kind and wealthy family. Kirbena had always dreamed of being a hero of justice and serving King Alteon the Balanced, so when she was old enough, she bidded her goodbyes to her family and set off for Oaklore Keep, Battleon, and Swordhaven in order to follow her dreams of becoming a legend. By the time she arrived at Oaklore Keep, it had already come under attack by undead monsters led by Sepulchure, master of the legendary Shadowscythe Empire. Showing off her impressive strength and courage, Kirbena was able to fight off the undead monsters along with the dragon that was attacking the keep, too.

As Kirbena arrived in Swordhaven afterwards to help fight against the undead and save King Alteon, her prowess became what inspired the heroes of Lore to increase their strength. Finally, she arrived at King Alteon's throne room to speak with him just in time to witness his duel with Sepulchure. Naturally, as Kirbena watched the duel and supported the king, it became apparent that the two were evenly matched, with neither one gaining advantage over the other. But before the two could unleash their most powerful techniques on one another, Drakath suddenly appeared and interrupted the great duel, inflicting Chaos upon the king to Kirbena's horror and destroying Sepulchure by crushing his heart, which condemned the DoomKnight's spirit itseld to an eternity of nothingness in the void. After blasting Shadowfall into the nearby mountains with Gravelyn, Sepulchure's daughter, still in there, with a single blast, Drakath announced the beginning of the Age of Chaos and the arrival of the 13 Lords of Chaos, all in front of King Alteon and Kirbena.

As Kirbena was running errands for both Alteon and Gravelyn, and helping the necromancers of the Neverglades marsh with their investigation of the Chaos Marsh before the arrival of the First Lord of Chaos, Escherion, Kirbena made several amazing discoveries of the Chaos that was infecting the monsters since Drakath's arrival. It was then there that she decided to dedicate herself to making researches on the magic of Chaos for her friends on the Good side of the Alliance.

Kirbena led the heroes of Lore in the battle against the 13 Lords of Chaos and the Chaos Beasts that they unleashed, and in the process developed an amazing ability: with every victory she gained over a Chaos Lord, she would gain the ability to equip the armors and items of the Chaos Lords that she defeated. She even came to understand more and more about the true description of Chaos as the fight against the legions of Chaos progressed. When it became apparent that so many residents of Lore were becoming Chaorrupted and falling further into the madness as the people called it, she declared that the Alliance would one day find a cure for Chaorruption to use against the invading forces of Chaos. She even learned the origins of her world through the Chaorrupted Chronomancer, Iadoa, who, even though he became the Tenth Lord of Chaos, had faith that his lessons would serve her well when it came time to end the war against Chaos.

When it finally came time to search for secrets of a Darkblood weapon said to cure Chaorruption, Kirbena, under the command of Alteon, who was becoming more and more Chaorrupted, helped Maximillian Lionfang as she explored Blackhorn Tomb to obtain the Darkblood Scroll. Unfortunately for her, Lionfang betrayed her and decided to put an end to the Alliance. This caused Kirbena to help the Evil side of the Alliance to break into his tower to rescue the heroes of Lore, who were all being held by Lionfang. After Lionfang's defeat, his younger brother, Xavier Lionfang, made his own move against the Alliance, but Kirbena and Alina arrived at his fortress just in time to rescue Rolith and defeat Xavier, condemning Xavier to imprisonment for life. Later, Maximillian returned, as Chaos Lord Lionfang, and attacked Falguard to acquire the Darkblood weapon, revealed to be the last vial of the Tears of the Mother. Despite her best efforts, Kirbena was unable to stop Lionfang from wasting the last vial of the Tears itself on Drakath, whom they were unable to destroy at all due to him having been remade into the Avatar of Chaos by the Queen of Monsters. Enraged, Kirbena declared that she would not forgive Lionfang for wasting the only cure left for Chaorruption on the Champion of Chaos and would make him pay for it, and, after a chaotic battle, defeated him. That was when Drakath revealed the aforementioned reasons why the Tears didn't work on him afterwards, just before the Tears that had seeped into the solidified storm clouds unbeknownst to both Kirbena and Lionfang began pouring all over the Storm Temple in the form of rain, stripping Lionfang of his Chaos magic and destroying the Storm Temple. Even with the last cure left for Chaorruption now gone, Kirbena still vowed to find a way to save the people from Chaorruption.

Unbeknownst to Kirbena, Lionfang survived the fall through the clouds above Thunderforge after the Storm Temple's dissipation, and returned to make an attempt to make sure that the residents of Lore would not be allowed to celebrate Frostval unless all that was evil was destroyed forever. This time, he captured the Spirit of Frostval with a snow globe and stole the presents, and when confronted by her and Blizzy later after they met with Garaja to gain information on his whereabouts, he burned the gifts with his whip to Blizzy's horror and laughed about it, enraging Kirbena at him once more. Kirbena defeated him for the third time and recovered the snow globe containing the Spirit, but Lionfang, who found what still remained of his chaotic side even after he lost his Chaos magic to the Tears of the Mother, made one last act of spite against the Alliance as he knocked the snow globe out of her hands and shattered it, laying bare his intent to make the world suffer for serving Evil by destroying Frostval. Thankfully, the Spirit could not be destroyed, much to Lionfang's shock and disbelief, and she returned to help set everything right again, and Kirbena vowed that King Alteon could help as well by sending his soldiers out far and wide with the gifts. From there, Kirbena and her friends were free to celebrate Frostval while Lionfang was remanded to Swordhaven's dungeon as punishment for all of his heinous crimes against the Alliance, especially those against the Darkblood as Chaos Lord Lionfang.

After the Frostval celebration was over, Kirbena continued fighting against the forces of Chaos and helping several residents, and eventually finally got to face Xing and Xang, who had been merged together to create Chaos Lord Xiang at the time, along with their Chaos Harpy. Kirbena freed the Twins from Drakath's control, volunteering to play chaotic and receiving advice from them from within Xiang, even being told that even though she couldn't always choose her destiny, she could choose which weapon to use when she fought it. Also, during Alteon's Tournament of Heroes, Kirbena volunteered to participate in the tournament when Lord Brentan was attacked and knocked out by surprise, courtesy of the arrogant and ferocious Sir Roderick. Kirbena defeated Roderick, but just when she was about to be declared the champion of the tournament, Brentan challenged her to a bonus match, and defeated her with honor, thus winning the hands of Princess Brittany. Later, Brentan even asked Brittany if she were to agree to marry him, and she said yes. Unknown to them however, their happiness together would soon be short-lived when it became apparent that King Alteon's condition was growing even worse than it already was.

During the Royal Wedding between Brittany and Brentan, Kirbena led the charge as she and the other heroes of Lore fought bravely to ward off groups of Chaorrupted invaders. But just when the invasion was able to be warded off long enough for the two to get married, everything took a turn for the worse when Alteon finally succumbed to the Chaos he had been fighting against since Drakath's arrival, becoming the Twelfth Lord of Chaos and unwillingly threatening to destroy everything he loved with the Chaos magic against his own will, and even unwillingly threatening to Chaorrupt Princess Tara. Kirbena came just in time to save Tara, but was about to be attacked by Alteon in his fit of Chaos-induced madness. Brittany sacrificed herself against the Chaos-infected Alteon to protect Kirbena, her sisters, Brentan, and everyone else that she loved. Unfortunately, the tragic fact that Alteon shed his own eldest daughter's blood against his own will served as a trigger for unleashing the worst Chaos Beast yet; a massive, three-headed Chaos Dragon that unleashed horrific devastation upon Swordhaven before Kirbena was able to take it down. Ultimately, Kirbena chased after her beloved king as he fled from his own city to keep himself from unleashing any more destruction upon the kingdom he loved, and was forced to slay him when the Chaos proved too much for him. Because of that, Swordhaven would never be the same again, and would most likely fall even further into madness and destruction due to the inevitable conflict for the throne. Both heartbroken and enraged at the same time over the loss of one of the greatest men and best kings she had ever known, Kirbena declared that she would not forgive Drakath for this heinous action against Swordhaven and would make him pay for everything he had done up to that point.

Shortly after Swordhaven's destruction and Alteon's death, Shadowfall came under attack from Chaos monsters as well. Kirbena was summoned there to fight against the Chaos monsters to protect Shadowfall to make sure that the same terrible fate would not befall Gravelyn as it did to both Alteon and Swordhaven. After saving the fortress and receiving Gravelyn's gratitude, Kirbena sent for Alteon's middle child, Princess Victoria, and agreed to help preserve the Alliance as she helped the people of the areas she fought their respective Chaos Lords in prepare for the upcoming final Chaos War, and even helped Warlic in the Frozen Northlands as they recruited the insane pyromancer Xan to the side of the Alliance. Once the preparations were complete, Kirbena was finally ready to travel to the source of all the Chaorruption at Drakath's current lair: Mount DoomSkull.

Kirbena fought her way past several of Drakath's defenses on Mount DoomSkull and relived all of her victories over the first twelve Lords of Chaos, before finally confronting Drakath on the summit. Enraged at him for all of the pain and suffering that the madness of Chaos he had been spreading had caused after the tragic events that had occurred at Swordhaven, Kirbena fought against him in an attempt to defeat him and make him pay for what he had done. Unfortunately for her, Drakath was too powerful for her, and he would have dealt the fatal blow to her and therefore murdered her and taken away the only hope Lore had against the legions of Chaos if she hadn't reminded him of his promise to her to reveal the identity of the Thirteenth Lord of Chaos. Drakath kept true to his promise and first made her wonder what she would say if it was either Artix or Dage the Evil. But then, he decided he had something more fun in mind for himself, and ultimately chose Kirbena herself as the thirteenth and final, world-ending Lord of Chaos instead.

As the Thirteenth Lord of Chaos, Kirbena led her own armies of Chaos monsters as they attacked Willow Creek, Doomwood, and Darkovia, and even manipulated the Lycans into assassinating the vampire queen, Safiria. She later broke into Vasalkar Lair with her Chaos monsters and finally hatched the egg containing the thirteenth and final Chaos Beast, the Eternal Dragon of Time reborn, and at the same time re-summoning all of the previous twelve Chaos Beasts as well. It was there that Kirbena felt a god-like power surging through her body, leading her to realize that she might actually be more powerful than Drakath. Kirbena then decided to get rid of Drakath out of desire to usurp his position and become the new Champion of Chaos.

After leveling Battleon, the very town that she once made her home in, Kirbena challenged Drakath again as she made her move to usurp his position and become the new Champion of Chaos. Ultimately, that was when Drakath finally revealed to her the reason why Golem Warlic back in The Span said to her that she was something else, something more: she was indeed the Eternal Dragon of Time itself. Drakath even revealed to her that she had been oblivious to her true identity the whole time ever since she was reborn in her current form. Drakath then proceeded to overpower her true form as the dragon to the point of knocking her unconscious, just before revealing that the defeat of all thirteen Lords of Chaos was required for the full opening of the Chaos portal. He told her a story of his origins and how he became the Avatar of Chaos, before crushing her heart and therefore finally murdering her and sending her to the Underworld.

Kirbena thought she had let the world down and was about to abandon all hope until the spirit of King Alteon, along with her own chaotic side, reminded her that she would always be herself and that she could choose whatever she wanted to be and that nothing could stop her from fulfilling her destiny. This lifted her spirit, and she made a request to Death to make her respawn, but he, to her surprise, turned down her request saying that she was dead dead. His refusal didn't stop Kirbena, and she fought her way through several monsters in the Underworld until she met Nulgath, making a contract with him to help raise Shadowfall and to kill Death. Kirbena fought and defeated Death, killing him and returning to the land of the living as the new Death, back to her old self while still retaining her chaotic side that she received from being chosen as the Thirteenth Lord of Chaos, just in time to help Gravelyn in her greatest time of need. She declared, to Drakath: "I am the Thirteenth Lord of Chaos. I am the Eternal Dragon of Time! I am fire. I am Death. I AM YOUR END!" With that declaration, a fierce, chaotic battle ensued.

As Gravelyn saved Kirbena from falling to her re-death after Drakath launched her off the summit with his feet, Drakath entered the Chaos portal only to have his Chaos magic drained from him by it, which triggered massive natural disasters across the world. Artix and Gravelyn lent Kirbena their powers as the Champions of Darkness and Light to make sure the same fate would not happen to her, and she sacrificed her powers of the Eternal Dragon of Time to enter the portal. She stormed through the Chaos Realm, defeating all of the first twelve Lords of Chaos one last time along the way, and even got to face herself within the Chaos Realm. After defeating her doppelganger, Kirbena finally confronted Drakath one last time, and finally defeated him. She was about to deliver the final blow to him in order to avenge the tragic events of Swordhaven and everything else that had happened up to that point because of him when she learned that the Queen of Monsters had already been freed and that Chaos Titans would soon rule over Lore. Kirbena decided to spare Drakath instead after that, bidding her goodbyes to him as she left to save her homeworld from the threat of the Chaos Titans and the Queen of Monsters. After returning to Lore through the Chaos portal, Kirbena followed Loremaster Maya's instructions as she made her way to the lair of the Watchers.

Ancient Evils

Kirbena arrived at the continent of Drakonus after being prepared by the Watchers for the journey ahead of her. She made her way to the Isle of Winds to help Syrrus open the Horologium Gate for a hero whose voice convinced him to do so to allow him to help in the fight against the Queen of Monsters. Unbeknownst to them, however, it was all part of Karok the Fallen's plan to invade Lore and take it over for himself. Karok was intent on succeeding where his brother, Kezeroth the World Ender, failed. Karok used his influence to transform many refugees into ice monsters and even murdered the apprentice of Syrrus, Lorentz, in front of both him and Kirbena to her horror. Enraged at Karok after that, she, after defeating The Queen's Gift, attacked him to make him pay for his murder of Lorentz before he could start a war on two fronts. Syrrus blasted Karok away as they battled, but the fallen mage was rescued by the Queen of Monsters. After these fateful events at the Isle of Winds, Kirbena led her allies from the Good, Evil, and Chaos factions as she began her journey to regain her powers as the Eternal Dragon of Time and defeat the Queen of Monsters, her Generals, and the Chaos Titans raised by them.

Months after Nevanna's freedom from the Queen's influence and the restoration of the Celestial Horn of Balance to Brightoak Grove's World Tree, as well as Karok's second defeat in Cryostorm Tundra, Kirbena found a Cursed Antique Shop which was currently run by Dr. Dryden Darkwood and his assistant, Skudly. After she cleared the shop of the attacking antiques, Dr. Darkwood said she owed him a huge amount of Gold that was way above the Gold cap, but then decided that they would make a deal in which she would retrieve his robe for him. Kirbena did so, and then Dr. Darkwood put his robes on and revealed his plans to gather six of the greatest villains in Lore for a council meeting about her. Kirbena was then kidnapped and taken to Dr. Darkwood's Castle of Darkness. But Kirbena had ideas, and with those ideas of hers, managed to escape from the Mysterious Dungeon, defeating Skudly twice along the way. She then engaged in combat with Dr. Darkwood, and defeated him, coming to realize as well that the council could be used as an opportunity to recruit more people to help fight against the Queen of Monsters. Kirbena stole Dr. Darkwood's robes and took on the alias of the Mysterious Figure like he did, and held the council meeting that he was planning on holding, intending to deliver the cursed artifacts that they had lost back to them and recruit them in her efforts against not just the Queen, but also a possible revival of Sepulchure.

Not long after Kirbena had successfully recruited the six villains (Vaden, Xeight, Ziri, Pax, Sekt, and Scarletta to her cause, and afterwards helped the Celestials deal with the plans of the Infernals against the Celestial Realm, she received a letter from Syrrus stating that Karok had returned and was planning to revive his brother Kezeroth. Unfortunately for her, Syrrus, and Abel, they were too late to stop him. However, Kezeroth, whom she and Athon had worked together to freeze in time for another 26,000 years, had forgotten the events that occurred when he threatened to unleash Quetzal upon Lore in the present day, and once again believed that the comet would not pass by again for another 26,000 years. Kirbena and the other two decided to use one brother against the other. However, Karok saw through their plan, and bound Kezeroth to his will, afterwards unleashing the Soricomorpha. After defeating the monster, Kirbena and Syrrus had a discussion about the Crystal of Glacera]], an artifact that would give them enough power to dispose of both Karok and Kezeroth. Aided by his vision, she made her way to Ice Pike Cave and found the crystal, proving her worthiness to wield it, just as the Frostspawn arrived. Kirbena fought her way past the Frostspawn and finally met up with Karok and Kezeroth. After freezing Kezeroth in place, Kirbena faced Karok in combat to avenge both Lorentz and Thermax, whom Karok had murdered during his raid on Cryostorm Tundra assuming that Thermax himself was the Champion of Ice. With the power lent to her by the Crystal of Glacera, Kirbena overpowered Karok and was about to finish him off when he revealed to her the reason for his defeat back in Cryostorm; the Queen of Monsters had suppressed his power back then, allowing his opponents to make short work of him easier. He offered a truce to Kirbena, to which she accepted to the surprise of Syrrus, knowing that she and the Alliance would need all the help she could get.

As she was training a paladin trainee, Darcy, for the Paladin Order, and discovered Emily's true motives, the two found themselves attacked by Infernals, who had gotten their hands on the Celestials' weapons and gear, and twisted them for their usage. Realizing this could be a threat to Lore, Kirbena got the people of Darkovia to safety and helped Gravelyn and the Shadowscythe prepare their forces against the Infernals. She was then teleported to Swordhaven where she, Victoria, Warlic, and the Shadowscythe helped escort the people of the city out to safety. Unfortunately for them all, they had forgotten about Princess Tara, who was being surrounded by the Infernals. To their despair and dismay, they were unable to save her, and Warlic was unable to find any trace of Tara. Both grief-stricken and enraged over the loss of another member of the royal family of Swordhaven, Kirbena vowed that she would not forgive the Queen of Monsters for this crushing, ruinous loss and declared that the villainess would pay with her life for it soon enough.

After using a Heart of the Glade to destroy Extriki the Destroyer, curing Aria of Kolyaban's influence and helping her learn to control her powers as the Champion of Nature, joining Galanoth in defeating the Seven Deadly Dragons (Glutus, Valsarian, Goregold, Phlegnn, Lascivia, Maloth, & Gorgorath), retelling the story of the Great Fire War, helping Ai No Miko get revenge on Jaaku for his recent slaughter of her father Emperor Daisho, and helping Aranx search for Arthelyn, the creator of the Celestials, Kirbena begun to hear rumors that the Queen and her monsters had been making less frequent attacks, and that the Queen had mysteriously vanished without much of a trace, something that had been troubling the residents of Lore as well as the Loremasters and Chronomancers. Even Kirbena was troubled by this news as well, wondering as well whether the Queen was dead or alive and when she would strike next, but whatever was coming next, she knew she had to be ready no matter what would happen next.

Her question of whether the Queen was dead or alive was confirmed when the village near her castle was attacked by Shadowlord Malgor and his ShadowFlame Army, who also captured her not long into her initial fight against him. She quickly learned that the Queen of Monsters was already dead by the time she finally got to the castle where the ShadowFlame Army took her, and, to much to her shock, Malgor accused her of killing the Queen. Just when he was attempting to enlist her in his army, she was luckily saved by the Goddess of War, Varga the WarFury, who informed her that in order to fully recover her powers as the Eternal Dragon of Time and defeat Malgor, she would have to gather many allies to help her fight, and so she began her quest to recruit those whom Malgor wished to have on his side into her own, such as Pirate Queen Teja, Jinx the Kittarian thief, and Mahou the elderly Spirit Liaison, and she even saved Arcangrove from an onslaught of ShadowFlame dragons and returned Lycan Queen Safiria, who had been trapped in the Queen's shadowvoid since the Chronomancers transported her to her castle from the Mirror Realm, back to her home in Lightovia.

Character Personality

Like all good heroes, Kirbena is an adventurous, good-spirited, idealistic and heroic goofball who does everything in her power to protect other people. She is a zany, wacky magic-user heroine who is also cute and spunky and loves to go on adventures and help people out, and deeply cares for the entirety of Lore itself. Her strong sense of justice is what led her to choose to side with King Alteon during the Shadowscythe's attack on Swordhaven.

Kirbena can also be quite naïve, stubborn, and can even sometimes come across as harsh, and can even get really angry, but that is mainly when she gets pushed to the extreme, especially by people who commit horrible deeds without showing any remorse. Examples of people who pushed her to that kind of extreme were Krellenos for murdering his own brother, starting a huge war and trying to get her blamed for all the bad things that happened in Bloodtusk Ravine, Lionfang for wasting the last vial of the Tears of the Mother on Drakath in front of her and burning the Frostval gifts in front of both her and Blizzy to the Frost Moglin's horror, Drakath for the pain and suffering caused by the Chaos spread by him and the Chaos Lords, especially to Princess Brittany and King Alteon, Karok the Fallen for murdering Syrrus' apprentice Lorentz, Nevanna (at first) for slaughtering her own former partner Aven Greywhorl to prevent them both from recovering the Celestial Horn of Balance, and the Mors Temporis for its murder of Xeven in front of her. As per hero tradition, Kirbena will take her anger out on and mop the floor with anyone who dares to threaten, hurt, kill, or slaughter innocent people, good men and women, and especially her friends.

On the other hand, Kirbena can be quite forgiving to bad people who have heroic goals all along and/or other qualities that may as well make them sympathetic. She'll often use words of encouragement towards others, and she can also try her hand at convincing them to join her side and fight for those she fights alongside. Of course, even her forgiving nature can have its limits, as she realizes the mistake of her naivete when she tries to talk Lionfang into abandoning his hatred only for him to get her angry at him when he burns the Frostval gifts. Like all AQWorlds heroes, Kirbena has a strong determination to get things done and will never give up and instead will continue to press onward no matter how difficult the situation she is in may be.

Kirbena's favorite food happens to be pizza, and she enjoys fast food as well, and loves drawing pictures, sculpting with clay, and playing video games. She adores anything cute, and especially thinks about taking things she perceives as cute home with her. As a matter of fact, her favorite video game character just happens to be where she got her name from. She also loves cosplay, and thus enjoys equipping whatever armor set her heart desires. She even has a habit of cosplaying as a female version of the Chaos Lord that she just defeated, and can even cosplay as Drakath himself after having defeated him within the Chaos Realm, obtaining his armor after completing a very difficult quest to gather the required reagents to do so.

As the Thirteenth Lord of Chaos, her sense of justice became warped and twisted, and she later developed an ambitious personality after summoning the Eternal Dragon of Time Reborn. This ambitious personality that she obtained from the summoning of her Chaos Beast led to her desire to get rid of Drakath out of desire for power and his position as the Champion of Chaos. After returning to the land of the living as the new Death, Kirbena is now back to her old self, but she still retains her chaotic side that she received from being chosen as the Thirteenth Lord of Chaos, which kicks in at certain times, especially when she makes a bargan with Tyndarius for her to meet the Queen of Monsters after facing the Firestorm Onslaught Forge. Her chaotic side even still retains her very twisted conception of right and wrong from her time as the Thirteenth Lord of Chaos.

List of Achievements

  • Dragon Hero
  • Axe Master
  • Chaos Shaper
  • Member
  • VIP
  • Justice Squad
  • Artix Games Launcher Hero
  • 2nd Upholder
  • 3rd Upholder
  • 4th Upholder
  • 5th Upholder
  • 6th Upholder
  • 7th Upholder
  • 8th Upholder
  • 9th Upholder
  • 10th Upholder
  • 11th Upholder
  • 12th Upholder
  • Honorable Hero (2014)
  • Honorable Hero (2015)
  • Honorable Hero (2016)
  • Honorable Hero (2017)
  • Honorable Hero (2018)
  • Honorable Hero (2019)
  • Honorable Hero (2020)

Epic Hero

  • Blinding Light of Destiny
  • Sepulchure's Armor
  • Champion of Chaos
  • Drakath's Epic Armor
  • Blade of Awe
  • Endless Doom
  • Celestial Pirate Commander
  • Dragon of Time


  • PTR Tester
  • PTR Lag Tester
  • PTR Guild Tester
  • Guild City PTR
  • Server PTR
  • PTR Server Tester
  • Friday the 13th
  • Kung Food
  • Moglin Punter
  • Eye was There
  • Stubborn
  • Unicorn Commander
  • Cornelis Reborn
  • SkyPirate Slayer
  • Derp Moosefish
  • King Fisher (Rare)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Stone Cold
  • They Might Be Doppelgangers!
  • You Are A Giant
  • Desoloth Freed
  • Thief of Chaos
  • Ultra-Carnax
  • AVAST!
  • Committed
  • Story ARC
  • Vanguard
  • Master of Time
  • World Savior
  • ConZombie Slayer
  • BattleCon VIP
  • Chaos Harpy
  • 2nd Chaos Lord
  • Lord of the Wedding Ring
  • Conquest Victor
  • War Victor
  • Famine Victor
  • Death Victor
  • Ravenloss War
  • Ravenloss Champion
  • Save the Princess
  • Dreadspace
  • Horde Zombie Slayer
  • Frost Defanged
  • Mummy Slayer
  • CruxShadows Defender
  • 13th Doom Lord
  • Golden Laurel
  • 6th Birthday Savior
  • Celestial Champion
  • ShadowScythe Champion
  • Dark Mosh Pit Champion
  • Chained Mosh Pit Champion
  • Far Away
  • Table Flipper
  • Dream Chaser
  • Battle Babysitter
  • Made it through 2020
  • Super Slayin
  • DERP!


  • Solid Jade
  • Solid Gold
  • DragonClaw
  • Royal Commander
  • Astral Guardian
  • Light Caster
  • Golden Fury
  • Shadowfire Emperor
  • Shadow Sorcerer
  • Blood Shadowcaster
  • Shadowspawn Warrior
  • Glacial Warlord
  • Shadow Commander
  • Timedragon Ultra
  • Wolfhound Warrior
  • Fantasy Hero Pass
  • Dragon Commander
  • Forsaken Warlock
  • Dark DragonMaster
  • BrightFall Commander
  • Draconic DoomKnight
  • BoneBreaker
  • Golden Gladiator
  • TigerMaster
  • Centaur Marauder
  • ShadowFlame
  • Obsidia Necromancer
  • Greywolf Commander
  • Dragon Samurai
  • Royal Swordhaven
  • Cryostorm Wolfrider
  • Glacial Commander
  • Knight Commander
  • Darkblood of Nulgath
  • VoidCaster
  • Tempus Mori
  • Galactic Defender
  • Falcon Commander
  • ShadowStrike Warrior
  • Royal Raider
  • Shadow Sorcery Set
  • Lord of Bones
  • Northlands Ranger
  • ArchAngel's Defender
  • Blood Samurai
  • Proto Paragon
  • RiftWalker
  • LightStrike Commander
  • Legendary BroodFiend
  • Mystic DragonCaller
  • Void DragonGuard
  • Golden Raider
  • CryptLord
  • Bright Knight
  • Rune Lord
  • Void Overlord
  • Royal Paladin
  • Paragon Dreadnought
  • Djinn Summoner
  • ArchFiend DragonKnight
  • Shadowscythe DoomLord
  • Monster Lord
  • Dark Shogun
  • Infernal Naval
  • Guardian of Time
  • Apocalyptic DragonLord
  • Northlands Royalty
  • Northlands Royalty 2018
  • Void ChronoKnight
  • Akiban Defender
  • Paragon Fiend
  • Galactic Captain
  • Infinity Titan
  • DoomDragon Master
  • Infernal Invoker
  • Yami no Akuma
  • Galactic Pirate Commander
  • ShadowFlame DragonMage
  • Apocalyptic Werepyre
  • GlacialFrost Royalty
  • BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath
  • Duality Battlemage
  • Abyssal Heretic
  • Voidborn of Nulgath
  • Galactic ShadowScythe
  • Hollowborn ShadowRaptor
  • Chrono Paladin
  • NecroTech Knight
  • PaladinSlayer Naval Commander
  • Chaotic Dragonlord
  • Apocalyptic LichKing
  • DeathKnight Overlord
  • ContractKeeper of Nulgath
  • Akiban BladeMaster
  • Beast of the Legion
  • Vanguard of Nulgath
  • Galactic Generals


  • Ancient CryptKeeper
  • CryptKeeper Vault
  • Dage's Crimson Knight
  • Bright Flying Gryphon
  • Dread Leopard Flying Gryphon
  • Shadowscythe Flying Gryphon
  • Sheng Long Guardian
  • Bright Fortress House
  • Ice Fortress
  • Nulgath's VoidRider
  • Data Elemental Set
  • Champion of Light
  • Battlelord of Ravens
  • Nightelf Snowstalker
  • Snowmoglin House
  • Ice Realm Portal
  • Void Guardian
  • Galactic Imperator
  • Elemental Summoner
  • Frost Wolf
  • Northern Defender
  • Dragon of Light
  • Holiday Paragon of Light
  • Festive ArchMage
  • Yokai Summoner
  • Frost Dracolich Rider Set
  • Golden Royal Knight Set
  • CryptHacker Set
  • DoomKnight Mech Set
  • FrozenSoul Chaos Champion
  • PermaFrost Chaos Champion
  • Frostlorn Warrior
  • FrozenSoul Twins
  • Dragon King Chest
  • 2017 Frostval Chest
  • Dage's 2018 Collection
  • Sea King's Collection Chest
  • Hollowborn Chest
  • 2018 Frostval Chest
  • Dark Caster Collection
  • Cursed Pirate Collection
  • 11th Birthday Collection
  • 2019 Dark Holiday Collection
  • 2020 Dark Holiday Collection
  • Frostval the 13th Collection
  • 2020 Nulgath Collection
  • Devourer of Souls Collection
  • 2020 Summer Collection
  • 2020 TLaPD Chaos Alliance Collection
  • 12th Anniversary Collection
  • Frostval 2020 Collection
  • Nulgath's 2021 Collection
  • Dage's 2021 Collection

Artix Entertainment

  • Flame Dragon
  • Golden Birthday Hero
  • Eternal Birthday Hero


  • ChronoCorruptor
  • CardClasher
  • Chaos Pack
  • Doom Pack
  • DoomKnight Overlord
  • Paladin HighLord
  • Chaos Twins
  • Chaos Sentry
  • Chaos Escherion
  • Drakath Supporter
  • Chaos Queen Beleen
  • Chaos Overlord

List of Current Classes

Armor/Class Image Gallery

The images of all of Kirbena's Chaos Lord and Queen's General armor sets so far and some examples of her other armor and class sets as shown in the gallery below.

Chaos Lord Armors

Chaos Armors

Armors of the Queen of Monsters' Major Allies

Chaos Titan Armors

Ancient Evils Armors

Shadowflame Army Armors

Shadows of War Ally Armors

These armor sets are based on those of the allies Kirbena's recruited to help her cause against the Shadowflame Army.

Undead Legion Armors

Other Armors

Seasonal Armors

Exclusive Armors

Color Picker

The color picker that Kirbena uses for her items and appearances can be seen here, based on the classic color picker that was used in AQWorlds before the new color picker went live on July 29, 2011, with additional colors for her to choose from added.