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Player Details
Name: Junckerkid
Level: 32
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male
Member: Yes
Founder: No
Joined: 12/26/2008
Achievements: Member, Friday the 13th, Kung Food Fighter, Moglin Punter, Eye Was There, Stubborn, Ctrl Alt Del, Holy ChickenCow,Critical Hits vol. 1, Dragon's secret, Chronomancer. Cyber Hunter.
Fav. Class: Barber
Fav. Location: Shadowfall
Items: Silver PvP Amulet +800, SandSea Scimitars, That Which Goes Bump in the Night, Fear's Caress, Bear Cub. AND MUCH MORE IN BANK.
Classes: StarLord Class, Guardian Class, Paladin, Rogue Class, Chronomancer,Rustbucket, Enforcer, No Class, Pirate, Dragonslayer Class, Defender, Dragonlord Class, Evolved ClawSuit, Bard, Beast Warrior, Berserker, Renegade, Warlord, Sorcerer, Acolyte, Assassin, ProtoSartorium, Barber, DoomKnight Class, Healer, Mage, Ninja, Warrior.
Armors: Dark Caster. AND MANY OTHERS IN BANK.
Notes: I Really Need Some Help To Put Pictures In, So Please Help Somebody.