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Fueling Insanity

This quest is a basic, considering the fact that everyone can do it (member and non-members). I know that everyone knows how and where to do this quest but I'll just give outsome tips to help out.

  • 1. The first two items are gotten at the same time: Phoenix Blade & Dragon Wings. But you can help yourself out by selling the other weapons and helm that you get. How do you sell and not miss your chance with the dragon? Simple open your book of lore, and click on a badge that opens a store and there you go!
  • 2. Spine Gripper there ain't much to say about this one but the recomendation that you farm it in Swordhaven Undead and alone.
  • 3. The Golden Crusher Blade is located at Andre and these items aren't worth that much so at this point just look out for the blade.

Insanely Insane

Just how the name mentions it, you are truly insane if you do this quest. Though this quest is better if your farming for the Thanatos set. And if you think your having a lucky day then go for it. but the 30 Legion tokens odd of reward are 50%......the rare 50% (Dage posted this info at twitter).

Donation to the Dark Lord

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