Unidentified 13: The Contract of Nulgath

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Unidentified 13: The Contract of Nulgath
Level: 0
Use: Turn-in for:
  • Secret Item
  • Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (Quest) (deleted)
  • The Leery Contract
  • Impossible, Empowered Items of Nulgath
  • Combat Style: Soulreaper of Nulgath
  • Combat Style: Taro's Manslayer
  • Combat Style: Champion Blade of Nulgath
  • Combat Style: Dragonbone Axe
  • Combat Style: Tainted Claymore
  • Combat Style: Purified Claymore of Destiny
  • Juggernaut Items of Nulgath
  • Contract Exchange
  • Requirements
  • Supplies to spin the Wheel of Chance
  • Nulgath (Quest)
  • The Assistant
  • Demanding Items of Nulgath
  • Diamond Exchange (from Crag & Bamboozle)
  • Dropped from the Mana Golem
  • Price:Cannot be bought.
    Sellback:100,000 Gold

  • Stacks up to x3.
  • This has a low drop rate.
  • What a RARE and valuable prize! You've got yourself "The Contract of Nulgath". This must be signed and given to Nulgath himself for your prize. This item can get you many things, use it wisely. You wonder what language the contract is written in. Limit x3.